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Wonderful Gifts Shipped to Bless Many in Haiti

Help for Haiti is anxiously waiting for the arrival of 95,040 Kids Against Hunger meals, 6,750 pounds of green beans, 72 cases of bottled water, diapers, hygiene supplies, walkers, crutches, wheelchairs, 5-gallon buckets, toys, school equipment/furniture, school supplies, and sewing machines with supplies from Wisconsin Branch donors and volunteers. What wonderful gifts to share with…

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2 Shipments En Route to Liberia Will Bless Many

Lutheran AID Ministries in Liberia is anxiously awaiting the arrival of 2 shipments from Wisconsin Branch. The first one contains Bibles, 79,488 fortified rice meals, 17,500 pounds of rice, medical equipment, school supplies and other aid. The second container is filled with life saving edible black beans – 42,500 pounds to be exact. What wonderful…

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Many Blessings Shipped to Lithuania

In January OGT’s Wisconsin Branch volunteers loaded school supplies, toys, bikes, diapers, blankets, coats, shoes and clothing for Lithuania. Jurbarkas Evangelical Lutheran Diaconia will receive the goods to share with many families impacted by the pandemic with lost jobs; most businesses are closed except grocery stores. Interesting information about Diaconia which is another word for…

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