Special Projects

Face Masks

These are uncertain times and COVID-19 has changed the way we live today. It is temporary but it is ...

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School Kits

School kits and supplies are a continuously requested from OGT and are needed year-round....

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Sleeping Mats

Each mat is crocheted from 500-700 plastic grocery bags and can 28-36” wide up to 6 feet long. ...

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Undie Sunday

Thousands of destitute people in the US and worldwide need even the most basic of items....

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Quilt donations are one of OGT’s favorite things to receive and ship....

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Feminine Kits

Help women and girls feel cared for, seen, and loved. Every Kit has the potential to create an exper...

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Solar Ovens

Solar Ovens use readily-available solar power to cook healthful food, boil clean water and are as po...

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Project Feed 500

For as little as 3 pennies, OGT can ship a meal to a starving child. $15 will feed 500 and $150.00 ...

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T-shirt Diapers

The need for cloth diapers is constant! Imagine diapering 40-60 infants and toddlers – every day. ...

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