Food for the Starving

Orphan Grain Train shipped edible pinto beans to Joe Boway with Lutheran Church and Schools of Liberia. The beans are served for lunch to the children and on those days the attendance goes up; this maybe the only meal the children receive that day. These precious children of God love to learn, be silly and praise Jesus. Thank you to our generous donors for the funding to ship food to these precious children.


Orphan Grain Train Changes Lives

Across the globe hungry, destitute people live day to day without warm clothing, nourishing food, clean water, shelter or medical care. In 1992 Pastor Ray Wilke saw that need face to face, and was determined to make a positive impact on as many people as possible. Today, Orphan Grain Train has shipped to 71 different countries and 38 states, sharing God’s mercy and love by meeting the needs of the hopeless.
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