Domestic Aid

We help our fellow Americans

During our most recent fiscal year, 166 semi-loads filled with clothing, blankets, medical supplies, food and other needed items were hauled to locations here in the USA.

  • Native American Indian Reservations
  • Texas-Mexico Border Missions
  • Poverty in the Appalachians
  • Several food pantries, homeless shelters and veterans facilities

OGT Logistics
Brent Kummer
Director of OGT Logistics LLC
601 W. Phillip Ave.
Norfolk, NE 68701
Cell: 402-750-9686
Office: 402-371-9313

Domestic Aid Relief Efforts

Food Delivered to Black Hawk SD Will Nourish Many

Norfolk warehouse volunteers loaded 28 pallets of various foods to be delivered to Native American Heritage Association in Black Hawk, SD. The food will be distributed to schools, organizations and families in need on reservations in two states....

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Texas Still Struggling After Winter Storm

OGT continues to assist families in Texas still struggling with broken pipe damages from the winter storm. Norfolk warehouse volunteers loaded 168 cases of bottled water, $9,548.28 of purchased plumbing supplies and wheelbarrows for Fuller Center- Di...

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Goods Delivered Will Help So Many

Recently Manna from Heaven, in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky, received16,000 pounds of various food, 500 pounds of pet food, blankets, medical supplies, toys, books and other goods from New England Branch in Terryville, CT. The regi...

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Goods Delivered to Arizona

Native American Fatherhood & Families Association in Mesa, AZ received bedding, clothing, shoes, toys and bicycles from Indiana Branch volunteers in Jonesville. The organization works with families by helping to strengthen values, culture and fam...

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