Domestic Aid

We help our fellow Americans

During our most recent fiscal year, 166 semi-loads filled with clothing, blankets, medical supplies, food and other needed items were hauled to locations here in the USA.

  • Native American Indian Reservations
  • Texas-Mexico Border Missions
  • Poverty in the Appalachians
  • Several food pantries, homeless shelters and veterans facilities

OGT Logistics
Brent Kummer
Director of OGT Logistics LLC
601 W. Phillip Ave.
Norfolk, NE 68701
Cell: 402-750-9686
Office: 402-371-9313

Domestic Aid Relief Efforts

Hygiene Kits Bless Families

In December 2020, OGT’s Nevada Sierra Branch in Sparks had seven boxes of hygiene kits picked up by “Adopt a Family” for their Christmas program. The program helped several families throughout the community during the Christmas season. Praise b...

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Urgent Plea For Aid Answered

OGT received an urgent request for food from Lori Mercer with Cornerstone Children’s Ranch in Quemado, TX. Norfolk warehouse volunteers were able to load three pallets of various foods and 3,024 Mercy Meals along with bikes, medical equipment, OGT...

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Goods Shared with Cornerstone Children’s Ranch

OGT’s Highland Lakes Collection Center volunteers in Buchanan Dam, TX loaded school kits, toys, hygiene items, household items, blankets and clothes for Quemado, TX. Cornerstone Children’s Ranch was elated to receive the goods to share with those...

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Many Blessings Sent to Texas

Wisconsin Branch volunteers loaded 7,020 pounds of various foods, medical equipment, school supplies, sports equipment, toys, and clothing for Laredo, TX. Latin American Lutheran Mission (LALM) will share the goods with children, families, clinics, a...

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Turkeys And Hams Distributed Across Nebraska

Orphan Grain Train purchased 1,600 – 22+ pound turkeys from Lou’s Thrifty Way to help feed families this Christmas season. For four days, the turkeys will be distributed to nine community food pantries in eight towns across Nebraska. Orphan G...

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