Special Projects

Adopt an Orphanage

0Orphan Grain Train’s “Adopt an Orphanage” program currently has 90 orphanages under full sponsorship in Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Hundreds more are awaiting help.

Many of these orphanages are in remote rural areas where poverty is the norm and adult unemployment is as high as 80%. Combined with chronic alcoholism, these conditions have a tremendous impact on families.

Conditions in the orphanages are often extremely harsh. The temperature was -20° Fahrenheit when the above photo of a Severskya, Russia orphanage was taken. Many children have only one or two sets of clothing. Medicine and other necessities are often in short supply or unavailable.

With the “Adopt an Orphanage” program, Orphan Grain Train provides support for each sponsored orphanage at a cost of $280 a month. Funds are wired to Orphan Grain Train partners on location who purchase and deliver medicine, medical supplies, hygienic supplies, vitamins and clothing directly to the orphanages.

No funds are given directly to the institutions, only supplies. This ensures that the help actually reaches those who need it.

Current sponsors include: congregations, groups, businesses, families, couples and individuals. Some have given funds beyond the $280.00 monthly sponsorship to provide Christmas gifts and for other special needs. Several sponsors have given gifts specifically for the purchase of Bibles for the children.

If you would like to learn more about “Adopt an Orphanage” opportunities, please call (402) 371-7393 or email us at info@ogt.org.