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Advent Glory Enjoyed in Lithuania

Pastor Valdas Miliauskas with Rusne Chapel in Lithuania received the altar and chairs from Indiana Branch. He has now added the cross from another OGT location. Photos showing all in their Advent glory to serve the congregation. What a blessing for church items to be sent from Indiana Branch and now be used for Christmas…

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Many Grateful for Aid Received in Kentucky

Manna from Heaven in Myra, KY was overjoyed to receive 8,856 Love the Hungry meals, 350 lbs. of mixed foods, bedding, clothing, furniture, household items, hygiene items, bicycles, toys and children’s items from Indiana Branch in Jonesville. The ministry helps families living in poverty due to lack of jobs with the coal mines closing. Thank…

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4 Feet of Water Rushed Through Recipients Facility

In mid-August, volunteers from Indiana Branch delivered water, food, cleaning and sanitizing products to an Emergency Disaster Relief building in Kentucky to help flood victims. The photo is from Manna from Heaven, one of our recipients in Kentucky, which had 4’ of water rush through their facility. The water destroyed freezers and equipment along with…

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