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Manna From Heaven Grateful for Aid Received

Indiana Branch volunteers in Jonesville delivered 14,256 Love the Hungry meals, school kits, bikes, towels, carpet, furniture, and other goods to Manna from Heaven in Myra, KY. First photo is of Lois (in orange) with husband Ralph, whom manage Manna from Heaven along with their daughter. The next photo is with 3 amazing ladies that…

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Aid Arrives In Lithuania

Rev. Miliauskas is director of Psichotery Rehabiltation Center Gabrielius and has parishes he oversees in Lithuania. They recently received a shipment of goods from Indiana Branch on Jonesville. He shared these photos of clothing, school kits and supplies that were shared with students.

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Deliveries to Kentucky and Ohio Will Help Many

Indiana Branch volunteers in Jonesville recently made two deliveries of aid. First was to Manna from Heaven in Myra, KY that included 6 bunkers of household items for many families living in poverty in the Appalachian Mts. The next was to Cincinnati, OH delivering medical equipment and diapers to Matthew 25 Ministries. Thank you, donors…

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