Torch of Faith Center Helping to Spread Hope in Moldova

Another story from Bible Mission International in Moldova of being able to help Ukrainian families and elderly at their “Torch of Faith” center with meals, rest and the Gospel shared for hope. BMI received one of OGT’s air-cargo shipments filled with food and aid and they shared many stories with OGT.
“At the end of February 2022, the outbreak of war in Ukraine have brought with them a series of unfortunate consequences that have changed the normal course of events not only in our country but also in the world. Worried, lost, sad-eyed people from Ukraine left in search of a safe place where they could wait out the military action. To their misfortune, they had to leave everything they had gathered a lifetime. It is quite difficult to understand this fact… Thank God that He has blessed our country to become a peaceful shelter for refugees from Ukraine!
It is gratifying to see how people from different countries, churches, organizations reacted promptly and extended a helping hand to the needy. Food and personal hygiene products, diapers, linens, bed, mattrasses- these are an incomplete list of the help that was given.
Dear friends, this support is such a blessing for the Bible Mission, which were distributed with responsibility, wisdom and joy among refugees in different areas. One example is the “Torch of Faith” camp, where, during this period, around 400 people received the necessary help: accommodation, tasty food, information about the Good News of the Gospel, psychological and spiritual counselling.
Support was also offered to churches that helped refugees from Ukraine in many villages and cities. All these daily centers and churches offered good living conditions, moral and spiritual support to refugees. Refugees testify how warmly they are welcomed by Christians and how well they behave towards them, how kindly they behave, how they pray for them. Some of these people have repented. During this period, food was given as humanitarian aid to the needy in the Odessa, Nicolaev and Harikov regions.”
Nina, from Usatov, says: “It was hard for me to leave our little house. At the border with Moldova, I met another woman who was just as confused as I was. We decided to look for help together and ended up in Chisinau, and then, together with my 5-year-old daughter, we arrived in your camp. Here, all the camp staff had behaved with love and kindness. We were helped with clothes, the child received toys, books. Here they feed us with tasty food. The camp is tastefully arranged, with children’s playground, and the most important thing – here prevail peace and we could sleep at night. From the beginning, I understood that they have faith in God, you resemble my neighbors, together with you I felt safe. I am surprised that you have read and know about everything that will happen in the world from the Bible. I never thought that in this book it writes so many interesting things. I am so glad that I came to you, in my heart came peace. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the kindness you show to us and to all the refugees from Ukraine.”
Valentina thanks us: “I can’t believe there are such people willing to help us so much. We live on the outskirts of Odessa, near the factory near the harbor, there are many military bases. We woke up very scared because of a loud noise, my husband told me we had 10 minutes to get our luggage ready and they transported us out of the country…. At the border, we heard about your camp and came here. We feel safe, they feed us well, it’s quiet. We are very worried about our husbands and grandmothers; they are disabled and cannot leave the country. I never thought that I’d be communicating with Baptists, singing their songs, and that I’d like all this… These events have radically changed my views on many things. Thank you for everything you do: for your prayers and your carry for us.”
Pictures are from “Torch of Faith”.

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