Food That Endures

The New Servant Center will connect seamlessly to the current warehouse.

The new Servant Center will provide effective flow of goods and efficient use of space.

Ample parking will be accessible for volunteers and people bringing donated items

Multi – Level racks provide maximum storage use in minimum space


  • Orphan Grain Train is known for operating at minimal cost.  Less than two percent of what is donated is used for administrative and fundraising purposes, a record few charities can match.
  • The new Servant Center will cost approximately $7 Million.  This will be the largest fiscal challenge in our history.  And yet, it pales in comparison when we see that Orphan Grain Train delivers almost $50 Million worth of aid annually.  We believe the new Servant Center will enable OGT to increase the amount of goods given to $75-$100 Million annually.
  • We ask you to hear the cry of orphans and join us as we pray for the Lord’s guidance in expanding His ministry.

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