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PLAEP in Zambia Grateful for Shipment

This video was made by PLAEP in Zambia of distributing their first OGT shipment of Mercy Meals, Bibles, blankets & clothing from the Norfolk warehouse. They help underserved families with economic empowerment, education and health initiatives. They were so grateful to receive the food and aid for the students and families.

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70th Country Receives Aid

Caritas in Senegal, Africa received their first shipment and it was also the first shipment in the country of Senegal which made this the 70th country OGT has served! New England Branch in Terryville, CT made the shipment of school supplies, medical equipment and other aid. What wonderful gifts to serve many living in poverty…

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Aid Delivered to Ukraine

The pictures are of unloading a shipment in Ukraine from Justice for All, Rock Valley, Iowa, that Iowa West Branch helped to fill with clothing and quilts. Also in the cargo was surgical equipment, crutches and canes from Minnesota South Branch that was donated by Mayo Clinic. Many blessings for so many hurting people.

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