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Norfolk Warehouse

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Warehouse Manager: 
Doug Trampe
402.371.7393 ext. 148

Office Hours:
Monday thru Friday 9am to 4pm.  Closed from noon to 1pm for lunch.

Critical Call for Tents
On April 29, 2017 there were 24 people killed when heavy rains triggered landslides which swept through a village in southern Kyrgyzstan. Among those buried alive were nine children. On May 11 OGT received an email from our recipient Compassion asking for tents to help families now homeless. OGT already had a shipment scheduled for Compassion on May 17 and made calls to purchase tents and be delivered to OGT before ship date. OGT was able to purchase 3- 12x20 and 2-12x12 tents, large enough to house several families. They will be given to Ministry of Emergency Situations to set up and house the families. Compassion will also be receiving children’s clothing for their orphanage. The rest of the inventory includes medical equipment, clothing, shoes, adult/child’s PETs (all terrain wheelchair), bikes and toys. Please pray for the families and community of the lost lives and for speedy travels for the container of goods and tents.  (5-2017)

Save the Poor International Shipment On Its Way
May 11th the Norfolk warehouse volunteers were busy loading a shipment to a new recipient Save the Poor International in Ghana. They assist with education, health, welfare of orphans, street children and persons with disability in urban and rural Accra, Ghana. They will soon be receiving blankets/quilts, sleeping mats, Bibles, clothing, shoes, hygiene kits, hospital beds/furnishings, canes, crutches, wheelchairs, walkers, orthopedic supplies, bicycles, toys, floor mats, school desks, classroom tables/chairs, chalkboards, and school supplies. Such wonderful blessings to help the families they serve.(5/2017)

Shipment of Food to Bless in the U.S.
Norfolk warehouse shipped two domestic loads of food today. The Native American Heritage Association in Black Hawk, SD will be receiving 26 pallets of refrigerated food. The second load is helping Cornerstone Children’s Ranch in Quemado, TX. They will be receiving 26 pallets of dry food for their facility and outreach programs. What wonderful blessings for so many people.(5/2017)

A Beautiful Thank You from the Philippines
OGT received these amazing pictures from our recipient Ryan Tormentar with Christian Missionary Baptist Church in Bacolod, Negros in the Philippines. The shipment was unloaded and some of the goods distributed last week. They are grateful to have received 42,768 Mercy Meals, 200 pounds rice, bedding, Bibles, beds/mattresses, folding chairs, hygiene kits, towels, household items, school kits, adult and child PETs (all terrain wheelchairs), wheelchairs, crutches, solar ovens, classroom tables, file cabinets, and toys. Notice how they unloaded the 40 foot shipping container by hand and assembly line. They are resourceful people with over loading and strapping down some of the goods on a motorcycle with a side cart. What beautiful gifts for so many people in desperate need. Thank you to our donors.(4/2017)

Faith Orphanage Receives Blessings from OGT
Recently Bethel Bible Mission in Ghana received an OGT shipment. Some of the cloths, bicycles and Bibles were distributed to Evg. James Azorda, founder of Faith Orphanage. He was grateful for the items and the first picture is of James with the Bibles, clothes and bikes and the next picture is of the Bibles being shared with the children and those in need.(4/2017)

Cite Soleil to Receive Supplies and Food
Cite Soleil, Haiti has received enormous rains recently and is having problems with flooding. OGT’s recipient Sandra Koch with Help For Haiti (HFH) is grateful for the supplies and food from OGT. She has been loading pickup trucks with buckets to help with cleanup. She also shared being out of the Mercy Meals but is purchasing rice locally to give with the edible dried beans and canned food recently donated from OGT. She will be taking the food to seven different sectors in Cite Soleil for families to be able to eat for Easter! What wonderful blessings for so many families on Easter. Thank you HFH and our donors and volunteers. Below are past pictures from HFH of those receiving help from OGT.(4/2017)

Many to Benefit from Shipment
The Norfolk warehouse volunteers were busy loading a shipment of humanitarian aid for the Republic of Georgia. OGT’s recipient UIHP will soon be receiving 99,792 Mercy Meals, blankets/quilts/linens, clothing, coats and shoes, hygiene items, folding chairs, canes/crutches/walkers, bicycles, wooden toys, sewing machines/supplies, and garden equipment. They help support orphans, the elderly, disabled and multi-children families in the region. Thank you to our donors for the help to send these blessings to so many people.(3/2017)

First Shipment in Years is Delivered in Ghana
Ghana was able to receive its first shipment in years from the Norfolk warehouse with its improved customs. OGT was very pleased to receive the pictures of the inventory being unloaded by Bethel Bible College in Accra, Ghana. They were able to put the blankets, quilts, sleeping mats, Bibles, clothing, hospital beds, bikes, and toys into their warehouse until distribution day. Also included in the shipment was medical equipment, adult PETs, walkers, wheelchairs and hospital beds to be used at a local clinic. 
They included this message in their email: "We have open a donation center at our warehouse at Ofankor there was rains here which flooded Homes and destroy properties, so we are announcing, and visiting Home to invite them to come and pick some clothes and mattresses for themselves, when our team do the donations sometimes we will deliver to them. I will like to use this opportunity to thank you and the entire Staff of OGT for making this possible, we say thank you and may the good lord bless you and keep you safe in all good works. To God Be The Glory, Amen and Amen. Dr.Patrick A, Zina"(4/2017)

A Little Girl Blessed
Kids International Ministries in the Philippines posted on their Facebook page how OGT changed this little girls ability to get around independently without having to ask others to carry her. She was given a wheelchair donated by OGT. Thank you to our donors that help make these shipments possible!(3/2017)

A Life Changed
It is truly amazing how OGT changes lives in the world. Recently the Norfolk warehouse shipped a load to Fund “Compassion” in Kyrgyzstan. Compassion distributed the items among several organizations including the blind and deaf people societies, a children’s hospice, a rehabilitation center, invalids’ societies and public funds. Below is one of the stories and pictures we received of how your donations make a difference in a little girl’s life.

“My name is Malika, I am 12. My family and teachers from the “Obereg” Rehabilitation Center have taught me to stand and walk. When I was a child my Mom was always carrying me, then I learned to walk with crutches but I cannot walk long distances with crutches because I get tired soon. Now when I have this wonderful all-terrain wheelchair my teachers do not have to carry me or move my wheel-chair. I can go around without any help. Now I will be able to spend more time with my friends outside. During winter months I will be able to play with my friends in the yard instead of watching them playing out of the window. Thank you.”(3/2017)

Hospital Damaged by Hurricane Matthew to be Helped
The Norfolk warehouse volunteers loaded a shipment  going to Help For Haiti in Haiti. They will soon be receiving five cases of 7,128 Kids Against Hunger meals, French Bibles, 593 boxes of clothing, folding chairs, office chairs, school desks, two exam tables and 12 hospital beds with mattresses. The hospital equipment will be shared with Sister Evelyn (pictured) at Sigueneau Hospital which was badly damaged along with its hospital equipment from Hurricane Matthew.(3/2017)

Nicaragua Shipment Arrived
The Norfolk warehouse shipped a load to Nicaragua that was funded by Minnesota South Branch. The picture is of Pastor Virgilio from St John’s Lutheran Church in Ojoche, Nicaragua. The PET (all terrain wheelchair) was given to the assistant to the mayor of Somotillo. She is single handedly trying to find equipment and financial support for the mentally and physically handicapped people who have been abandoned by the government. This is another way your donation helps to make a difference in the world.(3/2017)

Jurbarkas Lithuania Shipment is Off
The Norfolk warehouse volunteers were busy loading a shipment for Jurbarkas, Lithuania today. The Evangelical Lutheran Church is grateful to be receiving blankets/quilts, choir robes, clothing, coats and shoes, bicycles, scales, carpet runners, school kits/supplies and sewing machines. Minnesota South Branch is funding the cost for shipping these wonderful gifts to Lithuania. Thank you to OGT’s donors and volunteers.(3/2017)

India Shipment On Its Way
The Norfolk warehouse volunteers loaded a shipment of clothing to Jesus Shine Ministries in India. The ministry is excited to be getting clothing to share with children at orphanages and also for families in need. Thank you to our volunteers for their hard work loading all the clothes.(3/2017)

Kyrgyzstan Shipment Will Help Many
Compassion in Kyrgyzstan will soon be receiving a shipment from the Norfolk warehouse volunteers and donors. The shipment consists of clothes, work gloves, bed frames and mattresses, medical equipment, child and adult PETs (all terrain wheelchairs), bikes and carpet runners. Compassion helps the disabled, elderly, orphanages and the very poor. Thank you to our donors and volunteers that help contribute to OGT missions.(3/2017)

Ask and You Shall Receive
John Mack is a retired truck driver who became interested in collecting and restoring bicycles. John collected a number of bikes and decided to give some of them to Orphan Grain Train in Larned, KS. On December 8th, 2016 John brought 35 bikes to the Larned collection center for shipment to OGT’s Norfolk warehouse. The Norfolk warehouse recently asked John if he had more bikes. John responded by bringing 42 more bikes to the Larned collection center which were loaded on the Orphan Grain Train semi on February 23, 2017. The picture is of John Mack loading bikes for the Norfolk warehouse to ship where needed.(2/2017)

Thank You Sent from Zambia
Gospelink ministry in Zambia was able to unload its first shipment from OGT’s Norfolk warehouse. The inventory included the 40' container, 28,512 Mercy Meals, bicycles, medical linens, medical supplies, hospital furnishings, hospital equipment, desks, chairs, and PETs (all terrain wheelchairs). The medical equipment and PETs are being used at the Chifundo Rural Health Center in Chongwe, Zambia. Pictures are of unloading food, supplies and the PETs. The video is a wonderful “Thank You” for OGT supporters!(2/2017)

Nourishing Bodies and Souls
Doug Bennett with Kids International Ministries (KIM) in the Philippines is grateful for the partnership with OGT. KIM goes to squatter village weekly to do feedings with the mercy meals provided by OGT. During these feedings there is also a Bible study that a Filipino pastor leads. This feeding/Bible study led to over 20 people coming to know Christ. Without the rice meals, they might not have reached these individuals. The pictures are of the baptism for the Filipinos from squatter village. What blessings for the changed lives from our supporters and KIM. Thank you!(2/2016)

Water Filtration Systems Arrive
In November of 2016 the Norfolk warehouse shipped 16 large water filtration systems along with 50 small water filtration units and 25,000 pounds of edible beans to Help for Haiti to distribute to organizations hit hard by Hurricane Matthew. Mission Haiti had a lot of destruction to their schools in Cayes, Haiti and was given two of the large filtration systems. The schools also receive monthly OGT donated food from Help For Haiti. Paul Perissien with Mission Haiti sent OGT this video shows the systems being used and the rebuilding of the school. They were so grateful to have filtered drinking water!(2/2017)

Clinic in Zambia has First Container Delivered
Chifundo Rural Health Center in Chongwe, Zambia received its first shipment from OGT’s Norfolk warehouse February 7th. The container was purchased for the clinic to use for storage. Much of the inventory for this container was donated by supporters of this clinic from Nebraska as well as inventory from the Norfolk warehouse. The inventory included 28,512 Mercy Meals, bicycles, medical linens/supplies, hospital furnishings and equipment, desks, chairs, and PETs (all terrain wheelchairs). A container of food will be shipped later this month for the clinic to share with people in need. Dr. Margie Heier is the family physician at the rural missions clinic and is also a speaker at OGT’s upcoming 25th Anniversary Convention this September 15 & 16, 2017 in Norfolk, NE. For more information on this event, go to Pictured is the truck delivering the container of goods in Zambia.(2/2017)

Giving, Thoughtful Ladies Donate Quilts
OGT’s Larned Collection Center in Larned, KS is the recipient of tied quilts from a mission started in 2012. Anika Polzin, along with her sister Afton Linderer, mother Lois Eye and her sister Diana Copeland and her daughter Teresa Copeland and family friend Thelma Fehrenbach decided to make quilts to share with people in need. Larned collection Center has received 215 quilts, 9 baby quilts, and cloth diapers made from t-shirts since 2012. Every year the ladies make more quilts and in 2016 they set a goal 100 and on Christmas day (this day was great because the whole family was there and could do it together!) boxed 100 quilts!! For 2017, they have set a goal of 150 quilts and so far have 35 quilts in process! The word has gotten out and people donate sewing fabric and supplies for the mission. Thank you for your mission and spirit to help others and to share with OGT. What an inspiration!  (2/2017)

Haiti Shipment to Benefit Many
Dr. Yannick in Haiti will soon be receiving 20 hospital beds with mattresses from the Norfolk warehouse. She works at an elderly care home and is in need of beds for the residents. This shipment also includes 42,768 Mercy Meals, 7,250 pounds of edible beans, linens, sleeping mats, French Bibles, men's, women's, and children's clothing, school desks and chairs. Sandra Koch with Help For Haiti will be receiving the shipment at her compound. She will divide the food and desks/chairs among schools and orphanages that are supported by OGT. Pictured is Dr. Yannick with a bed she received previously. The other pictures are of children that were excited to model the clothes given to them from OGT. Thank you to our supporters for your help in Haiti.(2/2017)

Not Even Winter Storm Leo Will Stop Us
On January 24th the Norfolk warehouse volunteers hustled loading a shipment in a snow storm for the Philippines. The hard working volunteers loaded 42,768 Mercy Meals, 200 pounds of plain rice, blankets, linens, Bibles, beds/mattresses, folding chairs, hygiene items, towels, crutches, bicycles, PETS, wheelchairs, solar ovens, school kits, sewing machines, file cabinets, tables, and toys. Pastor Ryan Tormentar with the Christian Missionary Baptist Church will receive the cargo for use in the church, school and outreach program. Pastor Ryan works with very poor families that have minimal incomes from working on sugarcane farms. They are very grateful to receive the Mercy Meals, rice and other needed supplies. The pictures are from loading in the snow storm and previous photos sent to us from Pastor Ryan of the outreach program and the congregation.(1/2017)

Meals Arrive to Feed the Hungry
In early December the Norfolk warehouse volunteers loaded a shipment of 199,584 Mercy Meals and 57,024 Kids Against Hunger meals for Manila, Philippines. Kids International Ministries (KIM) received the shipment last week and will be using the food at their rural feeding programs and orphanages. KIM shares stories from the Bible at some of their feedings to also enrich the soul. They also have roadside feeding programs which is parking alongside a road, open the back end of vehicle and children and adults come with a cup, bowl or baggy to be filled with prepared rice meal, sometimes the only meal they eat that day. Thank you to our supporters and volunteers that help feed the hungry children and families in the Philippines. The photos are from various feeding programs with Kids International Ministries.(1/2017)

Liberia Shipment Sets Sail
January 19th the Norfolk warehouse loaded a shipment for a new recipient in Liberia. Pastor James Kollie with Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and School in Cotton Tree, Liberia will soon be receiving 28,512 Mercy Meals, church altar, baptismal font, lectern, pews, Bibles, choir robes and church supplies, clothing, children's shoes, handbags, folding chairs, hygiene kits, towels, adult PET, bicycles, school books, chalkboards, school kits and supplies, student desks/chairs and classroom tables. Good Shepherd Church was started in 2002 with 27 members and has grown to over 400 members today. The school also continues to grow with 258 students. On this shipment, the pews and church furnishings were donated to OGT from St. Paul’s Lutheran church in Seneca, SD. How wonderful for the furnishings to continue to bless others in another congregation in Liberia. Thank you to those that donated so many wonderful gifts for Liberia.(1/2017)

OGT Helping Out In Kyrgyzstan
On Monday, January 16 a Boeing 747 cargo plane crashed into a neighborhood outside Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, killing 37 people in the plane and on the ground and destroying 23 homes. At least 15 people including children are hospitalized. The devastation for loss of lives and the destruction is great for this small village which only had 43 homes. OGT is in contact with our recipient Lena with Compassion in Bishkek. Lena shared “that all of Kyrgyzstan is helping those hurt in this tragedy. People are generously donating money, food, clothing and supplies for those that have suffered. We got in touch directly with the local administration of the village where the tragedy happened and offered help. We have just received OGT shipment and are giving blankets and quilts from this container. Thus, OGT also helps the victims of this terrible tragedy. I will send you pictures when we have them. Thank you very much for your prayers for us and those suffered in the tragedy.” OGT is grateful to be able to help the victims. Please keep this community, families and the children affected by this tragedy in your prayers.(1/2017)

Happy Faces Warm Your Heart
Public Fund Compassion in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan unloaded a shipment earlier this week which was shipped from the Norfolk warehouse. They were grateful to receive blankets, towels, clothing, coats, shoes, hospital beds, hospital furnishings, scales, patient lifts, medical equipment, adult and children's PETs (all terrain wheelchairs), and bicycles. Compassion helps care for children in orphanages, the elderly, deaf and blind individuals, the very poor and medical clinics. The pictures are previous photos from our recipient. Thank you to our supporters and volunteers for helping to serve the needy in Kyrgyzstan.(1/2017)

Shipment of Food and Supplies On It's Way
January 10th the Norfolk warehouse volunteers loaded a shipment for Kids International Ministries (KIM) in Manila, Philippines. The ministry will receive 42,768 Mercy Meals, 106,704 KAH meals, blankets, sleeping mats, hymnals, twin beds/mattresses, folding chairs, adult and child PETs (all terrain wheelchairs), bicycles, floor mats, solar oven, and classroom tables. KIM shares the rice meals and supplies with several different areas in the Philippines.
A story OGT recently received from Grace with Mt. Moriah which is known to minister to the least fortunate. One of the families lives around the garbage dump site. The mother and the kids come to Mt Moriah for fellowship. Her husband scavenges thru the garbage dump for a living and catches frogs to sell. He couldn't make enough so the meal packs that the wife and the children bring home helps a lot in making ends meet. KIM and other ministries are grateful for the rice meals because when they share the meals they also share the Gospel. Thank you to our supporters and volunteers that help us reach so many children and families desperate for food and to learn about Jesus.(1/2017)

1st Shipment of 2017 En Route
The Norfolk warehouse volunteers loaded a shipment for the Ukraine on January 6th. OGT’s recipient Charitable Fund “Miriam” will soon receive toys, bicycles, hospital equipment, linens, clothing, shoes, blankets/quilts, office equipment and school chairs, desks, tables and books. Miriam helps low income families, the elderly, disabled individuals, orphanages and clinics. They are always grateful for the donations and will send photos of the distribution.(1/2017)

Faces Full of Appreciation
The Reverend Chuchu with Diakonia Compassionate Ministry in Kisumu, Kenya recently received a shipment from the Norfolk warehouse. The ministry received 43,200 Kids Against Hunger meals, blankets/quilts, Bibles, Christian resource materials, summer clothing, sanitary kits, new underwear, medical equipment/linens, adult and children's PETs (all terrain wheelchairs), school desks, chairs, and school furnishings. Victorious Golgotha Ministry received 6,000 of the Kids Against Hunger meals. They were over joyed by the gift and shared these wonderful pictures with OGT.(12/2016)

Kenyan Shipment Arrives
This past September, the Norfolk warehouse volunteers loaded 15,000 Mercy Meals, Bibles, sleeping mats, Christian books, children's clothing, layette kits, dental furnishings, hospital beds, exam tables, medical furnishings, medical linens, and playground equipment for Nairobi, Kenya. OGT’s recipient Missionary Benedictine Sisters shared the medical equipment with a remote clinic. In the first picture is Mr Njorogethe, the health minister in Laikipia County along with some of the clinic staff. OGT received a sincere thank you for the medical equipment and helping the needy people in Kenya from Susan Smith with the clinic. Enjoy these wonderful pictures of unloading equipment in Kenya.(12/2016)

Family Traveled to Help Community Helped by OGT
December 7th the Norfolk warehouse loaded another shipment for Hurricane Matthew victims in Haiti. The inventory included 9,240 pounds of edible dried beans, 185,328 Mercy Meals, hygiene supplies and towels, bedding, sleeping mats, clothing, pillowcase dresses, school supplies, and paper towels. Help For Haiti will receive the food and supplies and some of it will be dispersed to several organizations including House of Hope orphanage, Haiti Lutheran Mission Society, Helping Hands for Haiti and others. These organizations help schools, orphanages, the elderly and rural feeding programs that reach out to those affected by the hurricane. Please continue to pray for the children and families of Haiti. The picture is a family that was traveling to Jeremie (city badly affected by Hurricane Matthew) to help their family and others. They will be taking the food, sleeping mats and supplies donated from OGT on the bus with them to share. The photo and story is from Sandra Koch with Help For Haiti.(12/2016)

Nicaragua Hospital Helped
Last July the Norfolk warehouse volunteers loaded a shipment of medical and surgical equipment, hospital beds, EKG machine, operating room table, and exam tables for a clinic in Nicaragua. Dr. Arauz started the medical clinic and has plans of opening a small 12 bed hospital which will use some of the hospital beds from this shipment. OGT’s Minnesota South Branch funded the costs for shipping this container and Faith Regional Health Services in Norfolk, NE donated most of the medical equipment and supplies. Dr. Arauz, shown in the first picture, was very grateful and over-joyed by all of the medical equipment and help from OGT.(12/2016)

Food Shipped to Help with Feeding Programs
December 2nd the Norfolk warehouse volunteers loaded a shipment of 57,024 Kids Against Hunger meals and 199,584 Mercy Meals for the Philippines. Kids International Ministry (KIM)will receive the shipment of food to use at their rural feeding programs and orphanages. These are previous photos sent from KIM of their rural feeding programs. Thank you to our donors that help make it possible to feed these precious children.(12/2016)

New Hope Delivers Blessings
Earlier this year the Norfolk warehouse volunteers loaded a shipment for New Hope Rehabilitation Foundation in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. The shipment included blankets/quilts, clothing, hospital beds, crutches, walkers, wheelchairs, commodes, medical supplies, orthopedic supplies, adult and child PETS (all terrain wheelchairs), school supplies, and toys. New Hope shared pictures of distributing some of the supplies and medical equipment to clinics and outreach programs for the needy. Thank you to our donors and volunteers for helping to get these gifts to others in need.(11/2016)

And it is on it's Way
This picture is of the November 29th shipment for Zambia loaded on the train in Council Bluffs, IA. It is a long journey of 8,689 miles, as the crow flies. It will be an amazing trip for these precious gifts and then to be able help so many people in another country.

Many Supplies to Ship Because of You. THANK YOU!
OGT is thankful for our donors and volunteers that make it possible for OGT to serve so many children and families throughout the world. On November 15, Norfolk warehouse volunteers loaded a shipment for Social Charity Fund Compassion in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. The shipment included blankets, towels, clothing, coats, shoes, hospital beds, hospital furnishings, scales, patient lifts, commodes, crutches, wheelchairs, child wheelchair, walkers, gurney, adult PETS, children's PETS (all terrain wheelchairs), and bicycles. The PETs were a special request to help the disabled. Compassion is a Lutheran organization that works with several institutions assisting the deaf, blind, elderly, disabled and children in orphanages. Some of the orphanages have children as young as 3 who were found homeless on the streets. What a blessing all these gifts are and they are learning of God’s love for them through our efforts.(11/2016)

Ysleta Mission Received Blessings
Friday November 18th, the Norfolk warehouse volunteers loaded a shipment for the Ysleta Mission in El Paso, Texas. They will soon be receiving various food items, furniture, household items, clothing, underwear, hygiene supplies, medical equipment, student chairs and desks. What wonderful gifts for the mission to share with families and facilities in need.(11/2016)

Norfolk Catholic Students Volunteer
Wednesday November 16, 2016 Norfolk Catholic students, grades 7-12, volunteered their time at the Norfolk warehouse. This was a tremendous help to the volunteers and staff at the Norfolk warehouse. In less than 1.5 hours, they unloaded a container of dorm beds and school desks and sorted several bunkers of clothes. Thank you for choosing to volunteer your time and muscles and to learn more about the missions of OGT.(11/2016)

Happy Faces Packed 65,000 Meals 
Friday, November 11th, Hastings College students and Kiwanis volunteers packed meals for Hearts and Hands Against Hunger, which is a Mercy Meals of Norfolk packing affiliate. About 260 students volunteered and packed 65,000 meals as part of Hunger and Homeless Awareness Week. The meals will go to the Norfolk warehouse and will ship where most needed. Thank you for giving your time and hard work to help those starving in the world.(11/2016)

 Education is Key
OGT’s Norfolk warehouse manager Doug Trampe had an idea to help students that can’t afford paper in third world countries. Doug suggested we cut sheets of white boards to the size of paper for the children to use and reuse. OGT would include the dry erase markers. The white boards were shipped to schools in the Philippines, Haiti and Nicaragua. Our recipients are grateful for the white boards to save on cost of paper and the children love to use them. The photos are from Madi Bennett with Kids International Ministries of her pre-school class. Look at the great writing skills for their little size! The children are precious and have an amazing opportunity to stop the cycle of poverty.(11/2016)

So Many To Be Helped
The Norfolk warehouse volunteers loaded a shipment today for Sandra Koch with Help For Haiti (HFH). Sandra will receive 114,048 Mercy Meals, 105,408 Kids Against Hunger meals, blankets/quilts, medical equipment/supplies, carpet runners and a church organ and children’s clothes which will go to House of Hope orphanage. The food will be divided up among HFH and other organizations. The medical equipment and supplies will help Dr. Yannick at an elderly care home in Haiti. It is such a blessing to be able to reach so many organizations that help from the very young to the very old. Thank you to our donors!(3/2017)

Volunteers from LHNE Load Container for India
October 20th, 2016 the Norfolk warehouse had a great bunch of Lutheran High students volunteered to help load a shipment to Jesus Shines Ministry in India. They worked hard to load 210 boxes of blankets/quilts, 70 boxes of linens, beddings, 1,214 boxes of clothing, toys, stuffed animals and school supplies. They worked so efficiently and fast loading 1,545 boxes that they had time to tour the Home Office and view a video about OGT. Thank you for serving the Lord by loading a shipment to families and orphanages in India.(10/2016)

Loaded Up and Ready to Go
The Norfolk warehouse volunteers loaded a shipment for Lutheran Church in Liberia October 13th. The church schools in rural Liberia will be receiving 28 cases of Bibles, Christian resources, 300 student chairs, and 183 student desks under the direction of Joe Boway. These are wonderful blessings for the children, teachers and schools receiving these gifts.(10/2016)

Ysleta Missions Receives Food and Gifts!
Friday December 16th the Norfolk warehouse volunteers loaded a shipment for Ysleta Mission in El Paso, TX. The cargo included 2,200 pounds of food, 7,128 Kids Against Hunger meals, furniture, household items, medical equipment/supplies, office equipment, school desks and books and sewing machines. Ysleta Missions helps those in need in the US and across the border.(12/2016)