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OGT to Send Relief to Earthquake Victims in Equador
On April 16th, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 struck the east coast of Ecuador killing more than 650 people and injuring 16,600. Some 7,000 buildings were destroyed leaving 25,000 men, women and children living in tents. Orphan Grain Train wants to help the families devastated by the destruction and has partnered with Kids Around the World (KAW) to work with their recipient in Ecuador to receive a shipment of humanitarian aid. The shipment will enter through the port of Guayaquil and then be transported to the town of Puertoviejo, which will be the distribution hub for relief supplies to all of the surrounding communities hardest hit by the earthquake. Orphan Grain Train is planning to ship 7,700 pounds of edible dry beans, 26,136 Kids Against Hunger meals and 154,656 Mercy Meals, blankets/quilts, clothing, shoes, and hygiene kits the first week of May. The need is immediate and long-term. Orphan Grain Train plans to make this an ongoing mission for the families in Ecuador hurting from the loss of lives and destruction from the earthquake. If you would like to make a donation to help with the shipping costs of relief supplies for the earthquake victims, please send your check marked for “Ecuador” to Orphan Grain Train P.O. Box 1466 Norfolk, NE 68701 or donate online at Thank you for your support with the missions of Orphan Grain Train.(4-2016)

Urgent Help is on it's Way
Recently OGT received an urgent call to help refugees ‘sojourners’, alien travelers with neither home, country nor provision. March 30, 2016 the Norfolk warehouse volunteers loaded 128,304 Kids Against Hunger meals and 18,480 pounds of beans to Thessaloniki, Greece. The humanitarian aid will help those hurting and starving in refugee camps in Greece. At this time, OGT has 3 future shipments planned for Greece to aid the families in need. If you would like to donate to this urgent cause, please mail your check to Orphan Grain Train P.O. Box 1466 Norfolk, NE 68702 or donate online at

The Great Need
In loving response to Christ, the Servant, the Orphan Grain Train movement encourages and enables God’s people to share personal and material resources in bringing Christ’s name and character to needy people both far and near. Sometimes that character expresses itself as a word well spoken, sometimes as a bandage well applied, and sometimes as a child well fed.

Charity Navigator is America's premier independent charity evaluator. They help charitable givers make intelligent giving decisions by providing in-depth, objective ratings and analysis of the financial health and accountability & transparency  of America's largest charities. Charity Navigator awarded Orphan Grain Train four out of a possible four stars. Receiving four out of a possible four stars indicates that Orphan Grain Train adheres to good governance and other best practices that minimize the chance of unethical activities and consistently executes its mission in a fiscally responsible way. Please click on the logo to review our four star rating.


  • Last year nearly 3.5 million meals were shipped to starving people around the world.

  • Only 3 % of every dollar spent go for administration and fundraising. 97% goes for helping needy people.

  • At last count, more than 2,505 semi- loads or 40 ft. shipping containers of relief supplies have been sent in the united States and worldwide since 1992.

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