Young Women Grateful for Diapers Received

OGT’s 2nd Air-cargo shipment to Bible Mission International (BMI) reached many families in need, institutions and churches helping Ukrainian refugees. BMI shared this story about Rita Munteanu, whom gave birth to her daughter at age 15. Her husband is 18 and they live modestly. When she was 2 years old, her mother died and her uncle raised her. She got married to escape the very abusive family life. Her mother-in-law is a Christian woman that prays daily for the family and started them going to church which Rita now volunteers at. Rita is in 9th grade and her husband works hard to provide. The diapers and products from OGT provided have been a great help. They are very grateful and bring thanks to you from the bottom of their hearts. To God be the glory.

Categories: International Aid

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