Gbarnga Lutheran Mission in Liberia Looking Forward to Delivery of Aid

New England Branch in Terryville, CT delivered three manual treadle sewing machines and fabric to St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Providence RI. They are collecting these items, along with other goods, which will be sent to the Gbarnga Lutheran Mission in Liberia. St. Paul’s started this Mission for children in Liberia to provide education, food, hygiene and medical assistance. From constructing a building about 8 years ago, the school now has 130 students through the 5th grade and has added a full medical facility.
Last October, New England Branch sent hospital beds, medical supplies, clothing and two treadle sewing machines, which are required because they do not have reliable power. The school started with a class of 12 who wanted to learn. They now have 50 who want to sew and make clothing. These three machines will greatly increase their capacity to teach sewing skills and the instructor is a professional tailor. The machines are old but rugged and have all been serviced, including new treadle belts. The school also offers classes in making soap and cooking. Thank you, donors and volunteers for making these shipments of life-changing equipment possible.

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