Aid for Tornado Victims

Nancy Helmke, coordinator for OGT’s Ohio Collection Center in Napoleon has a personal connection to the March 14 – F3 tornado that ripped through Lakeview and 3 miles away at Indian Lake, OH. Nancy’s sister Peg and her husband Doug Dammann live in Lakeview, their brick home had very little damage yet all their neighbor’s homes were severely damaged by the tornado. Peg recently had knee surgery and it took five firemen to get her out of the house to a safe place with utilities. It was God’s blessing that Doug was not home so they have an unharmed vehicle. Nancy immediately did what all OGT volunteers do and that was load a trailer with relief supplies and go to where the need is. Nancy and husband Marty delivered utility lights, shop vacuums, scrub buckets, blankets, heaters, tarps and bikes to Indian Lake Community Church, which is on the outskirts of town and not effected by the tornado. This is one of the sights set up for donations and distribution of goods. Nancy feels blessed that her family is safe and prays for the families of the three local people that lost their lives.
Ohio Collection Center is 1.5 hours from these towns and Nancy plans to make more deliveries. The needs change from week to week so if you would like to give monetary gifts to help with purchasing needed items and transportation costs, please click the Donate button and write Ohio CC in the Comments box. Or send a check to Ohio Collection Center P.O. Box 74, Ridgeville Corners, OH 43555.
Thank you for your support of OGT’s domestic disaster relief.
The above picture is of Doug Dammann (left) and Marty Helmke unloading aid in Ohio. The tornado photos are from Peg & Doug’s neighborhood. Please pray for the many families devastated by the recent tornadoes.

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