53 Foot Container Delivers Many Goods to Kentucky

Volunteers for OGT’s New England Branch in Terryville, CT, loaded a 53-foot trailer of many requested items for the Manna from Heaven Mission in Appalachia. The branch received a phone call asking for “much needed” items, and the branch joyfully responded in a swift manner. Some of the items shipped included: 15-20 mattresses, boxes of adult summer and winter clothing, furniture, and 9,000 pounds of food. We rejoice that the driver, himself a Christian, was so adamant and glad to receive the load and deliver the shipment when he learned that it was for humanitarian aid.
The Mission in Myra, Kentucky provides food, clothing, medical items, and other needed supplies to families in need due to the shutdown of the coal industry and still recovering from devastating floods in 2022. Thank you, donors and volunteers!

Categories: Domestic Aid

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