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Meals to Fill Hungry Bellies Arrive in Haiti
Haiti Mission picked up 40 – 50 lb. bags of beans (2,000 lbs.) that were part of a shipment containing 38,700 lbs. of beans to Help For Haiti. The remainder of the beans will be shared with orphanages, the elderly, schools and other organizations. Wisconsin Branch funded this shipment that was loaded at the Norfolk warehouse. Thank you Wisconsin Branch volunteers and donors for offering hope and full bellies to so many living with hunger.(10/2018)

Container to Liberia Finally Reaches its Destination
We pray for safe travels for OGT containers but this one could have used a couple extra prayers. It did finally make its destination and was unloaded but only after the driver went off the road and into a swamp while in route to Cotton Tree, Liberia. It took two days before a caterpillar helped to get it out. Pastor James Kollie with Lutheran AID Ministries was thrilled with the goods from the Wisconsin Branch, especially for the PETs (all terrain wheelchairs) that are desperately needed for those that are disabled. He also shared that he needs more edible beans to serve to their school children. These beans make a significant impact by improving ability to study with having a full tummy and children have more of an interest to attend school because of the meal, which is sometimes their only meal for the day. Could you image not being able to feed your children but knowing at school they will get fed. Through your generous donations OGT changes lives world wide – thank you!  (10/2018)

Homes for Hurricane Matthew Victims in Haiti
In September of 2016 Hurricane Matthew left a path of destruction in Haiti. Wisconsin Branch along with Brakebush Foundation purchased 10 round houses and had them shipped and set up in Haiti. Here are pictures of the houses as homes with families grateful for the safe place to sleep. What wonderful gifts for these families – thank you!(10/2018)

Community in Lithuania Thankful for Support
Wisconsin Branch volunteers loaded aid on August 8th to a new recipient, Evangelical Lutheran Deacon Assembly ‘Sandora’ in Kretinga, Lithuania. They sent these pictures of unloading along with a short ‘thank you’. “Your shipment had arrived successfully and was unloaded in Kretinga. At the moment we are preparing it for a giveaway. Our community is saying big thank you for given support.”(9/2018)

Shipment To Bless Kretinga, Lithuania
Wisconsin Branch volunteers loaded goods for a new recipient Evangelical Lutheran Deacon Assembly in Kretinga, Lithuania. They will soon be receiving quilts, firefighting gear, clothing, coats, medical equipment, and wheelchairs to share with those in need.  (8/2018)

Help For Haiti's Container Has Arrived
Wisconsin Branch’s shipment of clothes, medical equipment and school supplies and furnishings arrived at Help For Haiti’s compound. Sandra Koch was grateful for the goods and will send photos when distributed.(6/2018)

Kyrgyzstan Shipment Blesses Many In Need
Social Charity Fund ‘Compassion’ in Kyrgyzstan received a shipment of goods and medical equipment from OGT’s Wisconsin Branch. ‘Compassion’ works with various groups and distribution for this shipment included boarding schools for handicapped children, eight nursing homes, surgical center and society for blind and deaf. They also have a group of volunteers called ‘Kyrgyzstan Jashtary’ (The Youth of Kyrgyzstan) and they work with the needy population: disabled, elderly, families living in poverty and orphanages. The first photo is from one of the nursing homes and the other photos are of the ‘Kyrgyzstan Jashtary’ delivering goods, clothes, etc. to those in need.(6/2018)

Wisconsin Branch Funds Meals Shipped to the Philippines
In April OGT’s Wisconsin Branch funded a shipment of 272,160 Feed My Starving Children meals in Mesa, AZ that was shipped to the Philippines. Kids International Ministries (KIM) is grateful to receive and unload the lifesaving meals to feed children and families in their orphanages, schools and feeding programs.(6/2018)

Wonderful Blessings For Many
Iglesias Lutheran Cristo church in Del Rio, TX will soon receive 16,416 Mercy Meals, four pallets of vegetables, bedding, clothing, wedding dresses, furniture, household items, hygiene kits, medical equipment/supplies, toys, school backpacks/supplies, bibles and books from Wisconsin Branch. The gifts will be shared with families living in poverty along the border and with their outreach programs. Wonderful blessings for many children and families.(6/2018)

Cornerstone Children's Ranch to Receive Shipment of Goods to Share
Wisconsin Branch volunteers shipped a load of sleeping mats, church lecterns, 7,344 pounds of vegetables, hygiene supplies, toys, sports equipment, school kits, sewing machine/supplies, furniture, medical equipment, bedding, clothing, coats and shoes to Quemado, Texas. Cornerstone Children’s Ranch will receive the shipment to use at their facility and to share with families in their outreach programs.(6/2018)

Lithuania to Receive Shipment
Wisconsin Branch volunteers loaded a shipment for Sakiai Evangelical Lutheran Church in Lithuania. The volunteers worked hard to strategically load 1,108 boxes of blankets, bedding, clothes, coats, shoes and hygiene supplies along with canes, shower chairs, crutches, walkers and wheelchairs. Sakiai Lutheran Church has a room with clothing and items for people needing a hand up. They also have an outreach program that help with families living in poverty and need medical assistance.(5/2018)

Shipment to Arrive Soon at Help for Haiti
Soon 37,584 Kids Against Hunger meals, 5 pallets canned vegetables, blankets, bedding, clothing, shoes, tables, cabinet, hygiene supplies, hospital youth bed, mattresses, chairs, pull PETS, walkers, crutches, gurneys, medical supplies, buckets, toys, file cabinets, school desks and supplies will soon arrive at Help For Haiti and be distributed to families in need and at a school for the handicapped. Wisconsin Branch volunteers loaded all the items and are grateful for OGT's supporters and donors.(5/2018)

Two Organizations in Ghana Blessed by Goods
Orphans Hope Academy (OHA) in Accra, Ghana was overjoyed and grateful to receive children’s clothing, toys, Bibles and school supplies to share with the many children they serve. Wisconsin Branch shipped blankets, sleeping mats, Bibles, toys, school supplies/backpacks, clothes, shoes, and medical equipment/supplies to Bethel Bible College in Ghana which shared some of the goods with OHA. The need for children’s clothes and school supplies is great and please pray that OGT is able to get more goods to the children.(5/2018)

Dedicated and Patient Volunteers Load Container for South Sudan
Wisconsin Branch volunteers were dedicated to do what needed to be done for a shipment to South Sudan. On April 4th the Wisconsin Branch volunteers were ready at 8 am to load 85,536 Kids Against Hunger meals, sleeping mats, bedding, children's clothing, generator, stock pots, bowls, water filters, buckets, hospital beds/mattresses, medical equipment, adult PETs (all terrain wheelchairs), yard tools, school desks/chairs, school backpacks/supplies and hygiene supplies for a new recipient Agape Mission. The volunteers’ demonstrated extreme flexibility as the container finally arrived at 1 pm only to be the wrong container! After many calls they did load the container which will be reloaded in Chicago to the correct container then continue its journey to Juba, South Sudan. The dedicated volunteers finished around 5 pm with lunch being provided by Brakebush Inc. Agape Mission will rejoice when they receive the food and supplies to share with their education, medical, church and other outreach programs.(4/2018)

Many Gifts Distributed in Haiti
Wednesday March 28th  Sandra Koch with Help For Haiti and a team from Ohio distributed donations from OGT’s Wisconsin Branch to 180 disabled people. This distribution for people with disabilities happens every Wednesday and last week they were able to give each person four bags of rice meals, two cans of vegetables, a plastic bag of black beans, then they went over to the clothes section and picked 3 items of clothes, a pair of shoes and then a gallon of water. Last month’s shipment from Wisconsin Branch included 15,444 Mercy Meals, 7,128 Kids Against Hunger meals, 8,640 Outreach meals, canned vegetables, baby formula, bottled water, blankets, sleeping mats, clothing, shoes, diapers, soap, tarps, hospital mattresses, canes, crutches, commodes, pull PETs, chairs, desks, tables, toys, walkers, and school supplies. What wonderful blessings for individuals with disabilities, children and others living in poverty.(4/2018)

Food and Goods Shared with Families in Black Hawk, SD
Wisconsin Branch volunteers loaded five pallets of various foods, 10,584 Kids Against Hunger meals, blankets, quilts, coats, shoes, clothing, linens, furniture, chairs and hygiene supplies for Black Hawk, SD. Native American Heritage Association (NAHA) will receive the food and goods to share with families living on several reservations. OGT would like thank the volunteers for your time and hard work and to our generous donors for both material and monetary gifts for this shipment that will serve families in need.(3/2018)

Gifts for Children's Ranch
Wisconsin Branch volunteers loaded quilts, blankets, sleeping mats, diapers, toys, stuffed animals, school supplies, sports equipment, coats, shoes, clothes, layette kits, household items, furniture and medical equipment for Cornerstone Children’s Ranch in Quemado, TX. Cornerstone is grateful to receive the gifts to assist children and families in their residential program, outreach programs and facilities.  (3-2018)

NAHA in Black Hawk, SD Blessed with Gifts
The Wisconsin Branch volunteers were busy loading 198 boxes of blankets and quilts, 934 boxes of clothing, 9,500 pounds of edible beans and vegetables, medical supplies, hygiene supplies and toys for Black Hawk, SD. Native American Heritage Association (NAHA) distributes the goods and food among organizations and families on several reservations. Thank you to our hardworking volunteers and generous donors for helping the NAHA recipients.(2/2018)

Two Texas Missions Benefit from Shipments
Recently Wisconsin Branch shipped two domestic loads of supplies and food. The first load was filled with hygiene supplies, stuffed toys, school supplies and backpacks, quilts, blankets, linens, clothing, shoes and 10 pallets of potatoes and 1 pallet of edible beans for Mission Emanuel in Mercedes, Texas. The second load went to Latin American Lutheran Mission (LALM) in Laredo, Texas loaded with similar items and sleeping mats, furniture, household items and 2 pallets of edible beans and 2 pallets of fresh vegetables. The potatoes, beans and vegetables from both shipments were purchased with funds from three OGT locations; Wisconsin Branch, MN South Branch and MN North Collection Center. ‘Thank you’ to the volunteers and donors that helped with these two amazing shipments of gifts for children and families in need.(2/2018)

Many Gifts To Bless Many in Need
The Wisconsin Branch volunteers loaded quilts, linens, winter accessories, coats, shoes, clothes, hospital beds, mattresses, canes, crutches, walkers and wheelchairs for Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. OGT’s recipient Compassion assists orphanages, families living in poverty, the elderly, disabled and the Blind Association. Compassion is always grateful for the goods and will send pictures of distributing the gifts to those desperately in need. Thank you volunteers and donors for the love and care shipped to those in need in Kyrgyzstan.(1/2018)

Domestic Shipments in December Bless Many
Wisconsin Branch was busy in December 2017 with several deliveries within the US. Four of the deliveries included a total of 89,583 pounds of potatoes delivered to four different Texas towns with recipients that support border missions. They also shipped 15,000 pounds of potatoes and edible beans, clothing, medical equipment and furniture to Hanna from Heaven in Kentucky. Wisconsin Branch along with MN South Branch and MN North Collection Center paid for the cost to purchase the potatoes and edible beans.  Another shipment with quilts, clothing, coats, shoes, hygiene supplies, medical equipment, toys, Christmas gift boxes, student chairs/desks and sports equipment was delivered to Iglesia Lutheran Cisto in Del Rio, Texas. That is a lot of food and goods shared across many miles in the US. Thank you to the many volunteers and donors that help make these purchases and deliveries possible.  (1/2018)

40,000 Pounds of Beans to Help in Haiti
In December the Wisconsin Branch purchased 40,000 pounds of edible split black beans to be shipped from the Norfolk warehouse for Help For Haiti in Haiti. The beans will be divided among several ministries to use in their food distribution and feeding programs for those in need, schools and orphanages. This shipment also contained 101 small boxes of individual bags to put the beans in for distribution to those in need. Eight boxes of clothing along with some of the food is for Thomas Bernard with Haiti Lutheran Missions Society.(1/2018)

Love Shown Through Gifts of a Home and a Bible
This elderly Haitian woman lost her house last October from Hurricane Matthew. She has been staying in a friend’s cook shack with nowhere else to go. She was amazed at the generosity and love given to her through a house and a Bible. She was one of the 10 recipients given a round house and a Bible donated by Brakebush Family Foundation and transported by OGT. The hope and love these homes and Bibles give to the families is amazing.(1/2018)

10 Families Blessed with a Home and God's Word
Ten families in Haiti have been blessed with a new home and Bible this Christmas season! In October 2017 the Brakebush Family Foundation out of Westfield, WI paid for the 10 homes and construction costs and OGT’s Wisconsin Branch paid shipping expenses to Help For Haiti in Haiti. Local men were trained to make the floors and assemble the homes. They do not have the equipment and trucks for carrying supplies like we have in the US. The container was unloaded and all the various parts were put in piles. The doors are green and the ladders go inside each house for the inside lofts, it’s awesome for more sleeping room or storage. They had six wheelbarrows for six men to put sand in and take it half mile to a mile down the road where the team is finishing the 3 final house foundations. One of the homes they did not think they could build because they had to hand carry the heavy tin pieces a mile down the road to reach the final location. Three houses will be on the side of Bethesda Hospital to use for Elderly Housing. The final seven houses will be for families that lost their homes in Hurricane Matthew last October. Stories to come about the families blessed with the homes and new Bible.(12/2017)

Ghana Hospitals and Clinics to Receive Help
Tuesday December 19th the Wisconsin Branch volunteers loaded blankets, sleeping mats, Bibles, clothing, shoes, hospital equipment, CPR training mannequins, medical equipment, scrubs, toys and school backpacks and supplies for Accra, Ghana. Bethel Bible College will receive the goods and distribute the medical equipment to local hospitals and clinics in need.(12/2017)

Helping Those In Need Far & Near
Wisconsin Branch volunteers loaded blankets, beddings, clothes, shoes, coats, variety of foods, household items, hygiene supplies, toys, school supplies and medical equipment for Mercedes, TX. Mission Emanuel received the goods and will share them with local communities and outreach programs to serve families in need.(11/2017)

Working Hard Loading Wonderful Gifts
Lutheran Aid Ministries in Liberia will soon be blessed with quilts, linens, organ, pews, toys, school supplies, clothing, shoes, 14,256 Kids Against Hunger meals, hygiene supplies, furniture and lunch table from OGT’s Wisconsin Branch. The volunteers worked hard to load all the wonderful donations November 8th.(11/2017)

Pre-Fabricated Homes Shipped to Haiti
Wisconsin Branch was instrumental with having 10 pre-fabricated round houses shipped to Haiti. The Brakebush Family Foundation out of Westfield, WI paid for the 10 homes and construction costs which were loaded into a shipping container and left for Port-au-Prince Haiti on October 24. OGT’s Wisconsin Branch paid shipping expenses and they should arrive on November 17. The homes are 18’ in diameter with 8’ sidewalls and each home comes with a solar panel for one light. They are built to withstand high winds and are virtually earthquake proof. Thank you Wisconsin Branch donors and Brakebush Family Foundation for giving sturdy homes to families in need.(10/2017)

Domestic Shipment En Route
Wisconsin Branch shipped a load to Cornerstone Children’s Ranch in Quemado, TX. The children’s ranch received bedding, clothing, mixed foods, furniture, household items, hygiene, medical equipment/supplies, school supplies, and toys to share with the children at the ranch and with families in need in the local communities.(10/2017)

Working Together to Bless Those in Need
October 11th the Wisconsin Branch volunteers worked hard loading 1,016 boxes of clothes, coats and shoes, 6 boxes of hygiene supplies, medical equipment, school supplies, toys, sewing machine and supplies for Latvia. Talsi Evangelical Lutheran Church will be receiving the shipping container of goods to share with those in need in the local communities. The toys will be shared with the children at Christmas time. What wonderful blessings for the children and families in need in Latvia.(10/2017)

September Busy Helping in the U.S.
Wisconsin Branch has been busy during September with domestic shipments. They shipped clothing, linens and household items/furniture to Latin American Lutheran Missions in Laredo, TX. Bedding, clothes, food, hygiene and school kits, medical equipment and toys were delivered to Iglesia Lutheran Cristo in Del Rio, Texas. Another shipment of clothes, food, furniture and supplies went to Manna from Heaven to help families living in poverty in Myra, Kentucky. The fourth shipment went to NAHA – Native American Heritage Association in Black Hawk, SD to help families on 6 different reservations in North and South Dakota. They received bedding, clothes and food. Thank you to the hard working volunteers that sorted, packed and loaded all these items.(9/2017)

Beans to Fill the Bellies of Thousands
Wisconsin Branch purchased 40,000 pounds of black beans in Nebraska and covered the cost to have them shipped from the Norfolk warehouse to Haiti. The Norfolk warehouse volunteers loaded the 800 – 50 lb. bags of beans plus 2 boxes of storage bags for the bean distribution. Sandra Koch with Help For Haiti will be receiving the black beans and will be sharing those with orphanages, the elderly, schools and other organizations to share with those in need.(8/2017)

Lithuania To Receive Gifts
Sakiai Evangelical Lutheran Parish in Lithuania will soon be receiving blankets/quilts/linens, clothing, coats, shoes, hygiene kits, canes, commodes, crutches, shower chairs, toilet risers, walkers, and wheelchairs from OGT’s Wisconsin Branch. These wonderful gifts will be shared with families and organizations in need.(7/2017)

Container Full Of Goods For Haiti
Wisconsin Branch volunteers loaded a variety of goods and food for Haiti.  Inventory included hospital beds/mattresses, canes, crutches, walkers, wheelchairs, sleeping mats, 1,810 buckets, 4 wheeled carts, freezer, tools, tarps, vegetables, water, and baby formula. Sandra Koch with Help For Haiti will receive the goods to share with those in need.  (7/2017)

Kentucky to Receive Blessings
Wisconsin Branch shipped a load of blankets, beddings, clothing, coats, shoes, almost 10,000 lbs. of food, furniture, household items, hygiene supplies, medical supplies, toys, office furniture and school supplies to Myra, KY. Manna for Heaven will receive the supplies that are shared with families living in poverty in the region. Myra is located in the Appalachian Mountains where families struggle with 70% unemployment due to the closing of the coal mines. Thank you to our volunteers and donors in Wisconsin!(6/2017)

Latvia to Receive 1st Shipment Of The Year
OGT’s first shipment for the new fiscal year left Wisconsin last Wednesday June 7th and is in route to Pastor Eisaks at the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Pampali, Latvia. The volunteers at the Wisconsin Branch were busy loading blankets, quilts, linens, clothing, coats, shoes, canes, crutches, walkers, wheelchairs, and hygiene supplies. Thank you to our volunteers and donors for helping those in need in Latvia.  (6/2017)

Decorated Pails To Brighten Up The Day
In December 2016 St. James Lutheran Church in Shawano, WI and OGT’s Wisconsin Branch kicked off a special project to collect 5,000 pails to help families in Haiti recover from Hurricane Matthew. The pails could be used to collect clean drinking water and stop the spread of cholera. The children at St. James, St. Paul; Bonduel and St. Martin; Clintonville, WI all joined the project in creating their personal pail for a child in Haiti. The children decorated the pails with their favorite Bible passage or words of encouragement and love. The project was a huge success with collecting approximately 8,000 pails! The pails were shipped to Haiti earlier this year along with 21,600 rice meals, canned vegetables, infant formula, hygiene kits, and medical equipment. The pictures are the buckets being used in Haiti and the showing of the wonderful drawings from the children.(6/2017)

Buckets of Joy
Sandra Koch with Help For Haiti had received buckets on a shipment from OGT’s Wisconsin Branch. The buckets are a necessity for families for carry water back to their home. They also use the buckets to clean up water after a flood. Sister Joseph received almost 200 buckets. She filled them with bottled water, canned veggies and other supplies donated by OGT and each family received a bucket filled with gifts. It is amazing how simple a bucket is for us but is a necessity and valued by the Haitians.(6/2017)

Aid + Bible Mission = God's Word Spread 
Bible Mission in Kishinau, Moldova will soon be receiving humanitarian aid from the Wisconsin Branch volunteers. The volunteers were busy loading blankets/quilts/linens, clothing, coats, hygiene kits, canes, crutches, walkers, wheelchairs, and school kits/supplies/backpacks. Bible Mission offers Bible classes and camps, help for orphans, widows, the elderly and disabled. They share the message of the Gospel with all. Pictures are the volunteers at the Wisconsin Branch hard at work – thank you!  (

Manna From Heaven Helped
Manna From Heaven is nestled in the Appalachian Mountains in Myra, KY. This region of the US has been hit with poverty due to closing of coal mines and lack of other industrial work. Manna From Heaven opens its doors to families in need offering food, clothing, household items and supplies. The Wisconsin Branch volunteers loaded a shipment of bedding, clothing, food, furniture, household items, hygiene kits, medical equipment, toys, school kits and backpacks for Manna From Heaven. What wonderful gifts for families in the Appalachian Mountains.(3/2017)

Blessed with Safety
Last year the Wisconsin Branch volunteers loaded a shipment containing blankets/quilts/linens, sleeping mats, clothing, coats and shoes, firefighting gear, hygiene kits, and medical equipment for Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Wisconsin Branch’s Administrative Secretary Linda Isberner was able to get the donated firefighting gear from where her husband and son volunteer and also her other son’s department. OGT’s recipient Compassion received the items and shared the 29 boxes of firefighting gear with the town of Cholpon-Ata. Lieutenant-colonel Dusheev, the Head of the fire service, writes that they provide fire safety to the towns and villages of the region with the population of 70,000 people. The fire service of the region is in a poor condition and there are no funds in the budget for new clothing and equipment, so they gladly accepted the fire fighter clothing. These firefighting suites are a blessing for the men and their safety. Thank you!!  The pictures below are of the firefighting gear and other humanitarian aid delivered. (2-2017)

Buckets of Fun
Wisconsin Branch volunteers were busy  loading a shipment for Haiti. The inventory included 441 boxes of vegetables, baby formula, 100 boxes of processed rice meals, medical equipment, hygiene kits and 1,497 – 5 gallon buckets. Pictures are of the hard working volunteers loading the shipment and all those buckets!(2/2017)

Hardworking Volunteers Make OGT Possible
OGT’s Wisconsin Branch volunteers loaded a shipment for Social Charity Fund ‘Compassion’ in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Compassion helps the elderly, disabled, orphans and the poor. They will soon be receiving blankets, linens, clothing and shoes, accessories, layette and hygiene kits, canes/crutches/walkers, bicycles, and sewing supplies to share with the needy. Thank you to our donors and volunteers that help make these shipments possible. Pictured are the hard working volunteers loading the shipment for Kyrgyzstan.(2/2017)

Relief Arrives in Haiti
Thankful families in Haiti will soon have much needed drinking water distributed to them. Yesterday Help For Haiti (HFH) unloaded a shipment containing drinking water that was shipped from the Wisconsin Branch. Sandra Koch with HFH was grateful for the shipment and will send unloading photos soon.(11/2016)