Rev. Ray Wilke

Rev. Ray Wilke

President of Orphan Grain Train, Rev. Ray Wilke is ready to roll.

Little Norfolk Nebraska is the Hub
Orphan Grain Train’s International Headquarters is the hub around which all Orphan Grain Train activity revolves. While the 26 branch and collection center locations around the country are all volunteer workers, the International Center employs 12 dedicated workers. These employees accomplish the task of arranging for international and domestic transportation of relief supplies for all of our 26 locations. Daily they work with customs officials, keep track of inventory, do the bookkeeping, update promotional material and all other tasks needed to support the work of the satellite locations.

A New Region in Haiti to Serve
February 12, 2018 OGT’s international office had a visit from a new recipient Josias Marin from Thomassique, Haiti. He is associated with the Lutheran church and school in Thomassique and is excited to be receiving French Bibles, 57,024 Mercy Meals, 5,000 pounds of mixed edible beans, linens, clothing, recreational clothing and sports equipment, coveralls and rubber boots for local goat farmers (special request from Josias), beds with mattresses, hygiene kits, school kits, classroom chairs and tables shipped from the Norfolk warehouse. The 40’ container will remain at the school to be converted into a computer classroom. How exciting to be able to help children and families in another region of Haiti. Pictured is Josias Marin with Grant Schmidt, OGT’s vice president.(2/2018)

Partnership for Humanitarian Aid
On Sunday, January 21 Karen Mangels OGT’s Director of International Shipping spoke about the ministry of OGT to Zion Lutheran Church congregation in Sioux Falls, SD. Rev. Jenina Gatnoor with Gaat’s Kid African Mission was also there and will soon be receiving shipments from OGT in Ethiopia. OGT donated 2 bags of sports equipment (10 deflated basketballs, 10 deflated playground balls, and pump) and 1 bag of OTC medications and bandages that Rev Gatnoor will take with him when he travels to Ethiopia in February. At that time land will be purchased and the contacts finalized for OGT to ship containers of aid to the Gambella region in Ethiopia to serve the South Sudanese refugees and others there. Pictured is Karen Mangels giving the donated items to Rev. Jenina Gatnoor.

Blessed To Help An Amazing Organization
Recently OGT had a visit from Dave Hansen with Helping Hands For Haiti. Inna Netesov joined him on the visit and has been to Haiti twice this past year. They brought 1,000 Lights for Literacy which are solar powered and great for students to use at home to study. In Haiti it gets dark early in the evening and without lights they cannot study. They also brought clothes, new shoes and a clutch for their vehicle to be put on the next shipment to Haiti. Enjoy these wonderful pictures from Helping Hands For Haiti - Mesi means Thanks.(10/2017)

Excited to Establish Relations in Peru
OGT is excited to be building relations with the country of Peru through Rolando who was raised in Peru and currently lives in Sioux City, Iowa. Rolando knows the conditions and need for humanitarian aid and food in regions of Peru. OGT’s President Pastor Wilke and VP Grant Schmidt are currently in Peru with Rolando to see what OGT can do to help families in need, rural schools and clinics. Pictured L-R – Grant Schmidt, Rosa Gonzales; interpreter, Rolando Luna, Pastor Wilke and Doug Sunderman; OGT board member are in front of Presidential Palace in Lima, Peru.(6/2017)

John Peter with India Transformed Visits
OGT had a special visitor from India, John Peter with India Transformed. John Peter has been a grateful recipient of OGT shipments. It was intriguing to hear about the culture and conditions in India. There are estimated 18 million street children and Christians comprise less than 2% of the population. 70% of the women are involved in domestic violence. His programs contain shelters for children, education and job training for abused women and sharing the Gospel through Community Transformation Centers. He is helping to spread the Gospel and start new churches in India. He brought a beautiful handmade ‘Thank You’ book with photos of OGT donations being used by children and families in need. He is an inspiration and OGT is excited to be able to support his ministry and outreach. Pictured L to R: Karen Mangels; International Transportation Director, Chris Carstens; India Transportation, John Peter and Grant Schmidt; OGT’s VP of Operations.(5/2017)

Action Event SUCCESS
Chris Carstens, OGTs Inventory Manager organized a Thrivent Action Team for the OGT home office and warehouse staff and their families in Norfolk, NE. We had fun sorting boxes of clothing and repacking them into OGT boxes with Summer-winter labels. After 2 hours of packing we enjoyed a pizza party. This was a great activity from Thrivent to help pack boxes for those in need around the world. If you are a Thrivent member you can apply for an Action Team to receive $250 in seed money to help make hygiene kits, school kits, quilts, and other special projects for OGT to ship to those in need in the US or around the world. Check it out at Thrivent.com. Pictured back row L to R: Mike Widhalm; Director of OGT Logistics, Terri Rosenthal; Office Assistant, Chris Carstens; Inventory Manager, Grant Schmidt; VP of Operations, John Mangels, Paul Brandt; Assistant Warehouse Manager, Shirley and Doug Trampe; Warehouse Manager Second Row L to R: Tessa Nelson; Administrative Assistant, Suzie Leffers; Public Relations, Karen Mangels; International Transportation Director, Becky Carretto; Bookkeeper. Front row L to R: Christopher and Braiden Ingebritson (sons of Paul Brandt), Hunter and Hope Leffers. Not pictured is Nicki Carstens and Linda Miller; Financial Secretary.(5/2017)

Malawi and OGT Join Hands
His Excellency Edward Yakob Sawerengera, who is the Malawi ambassador to the United States, and others from the southeast African nation along with Dr. Joe Mtika, founder of Norfolk Public Schools of Malawi visited OGT on April 25, 2017. OGT has shipped school supplies, humanitarian aid and Mercy Meals to Malawi for distribution by Joe Mtika. Joe was born in Malawi but has resided in Norfolk, NE for several years and founded the school in Malawi to offer education to the underprivileged youth. Sawerengera and those with him were especially impressed with the Orphan Grain Train and Mercy Meals. OGT and Mercy Meals will be aiding Malawi in the future and helping the nation to feed its people given that Malawi is one of the world’s poorest countries. Sawerengera shared that “What the Orphan Grain Train does (is) something that (will benefit Malawi) a lot in terms of the food items, clothing and the medical (equipment).” It was amazing to meet at OGT and see how we can better serve those in need in Malawi. Pictured are the delegates from Africa, Joe Mtika (far left), Grant Schmidt, OGT’s VP of Operations; Pastor Ray Wilke, OGT’s President and Edward Yakob Sawerengera, Malawi ambassador to the US (far right).(4/2017)

Sad News  
OGT received some very sad news January 17th. One of our Haitian recipients, Leonard Isidor was shot and killed outside his home this afternoon. Leonard visited OGT home office in 2015 with Dick Buethe of Haiti Lutheran Mission Society. He gave to others freely what was given to him and often sang hymns of praise while doing so. He had a church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Zion, built beside his home and after services he would distribute baggies of beans or rice to those in need. He sent OGT pictures and videos of distributing OGT donated food and supplies to those in need. He was given an OGT polo shirt and wore that in most all of the distribution pictures. Please remember Leonard, his family and congregation in your prayers. He will be missed. (Below is from when he visited us here at the Home office.)  (1/2017)

International Visitor
OGT International Office in Norfolk, NE had a special guest from Haiti, Leonard Isidor along with Dick Buethe and Jim Schmersal from Lincoln, NE. Mr. Isidor shared a video about his Evangelical Lutheran Church in Haiti, which he started at his house. He has two ordained pastors that offer four church services weekly and a bible class. Leonard prepares ground corn and peanuts to share with those in need after church. He says some children and families will go 3-4 days without eating. Whenever he has extra money, he will buy food or other items for those in need. His church holds 200 people and is always full. He is truly a blessing for people that want to learn more about Jesus and the Word. Dick Buethe and Jim Schmersal are involved with Haiti Lutheran Mission Society and make several mission trips yearly to Haiti. They have been instrumental with getting food and supplies to the less fortunate in Haiti. Pictured from left to right: Dick Buethe, Leonard Isidor and Jim Schmersal. The other pictures are of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Haiti.  (10-2015)

Lincoln Collection Center Opened for Donations
OGT is excited to have a collection center in Lincoln, Nebraska which opened their doors on February 20. More than 20 people stopped by to donate items for OGT. The facility is located in a warehouse and will be open every third Saturday of the month from 9-noon. Be sure to think of OGT collection center while spring-cleaning and they are also hosting a winter coat drive for Palm Sunday.
The OGT Collection Center Warehouse is located at:
2316 Kimarra Place
Lincoln, Ne.
For more information, call:

A shipment of food for farming families in Mindanao, Philippines will arrive this week. El Nino has caused a devastating drought to the region and farmers are unable to grow crops or earn an income. Earlier this month, 6,000 farmers planned a protest rally demanding subsidies for farms affected by the El Nino dry spell. The rally became violent with 2 farmers killed and 13 others wounded when police opened fire. Families are feeling tension and desperation with starvation setting in. OGT’s shipment of 122,400 Mercy Meals and 136,800 Kids Against Hunger meals is expected to be unloaded this week. We also have another shipment planned to arrive in May. Please keep these families and children in your prayers for rain and food for nourishment.(4-2016)

Drought + Hunger = State of Calamity
A letter of desperation sent to our recipient Jeff Long of Kids International Ministry (KIM) in the Philippines: 
Hello Jeff,
The other day our province has declared that we are under the state of calamity due to El Nino. Yesterday Glenn and I went to our farm. Most of our land is so short of water that we are not sure of what harvest would look like. Thanks be to God that He is in control whether we will have a harvest or not. Though for a lot of farmers their crops are dead. Right now since even the vegetables cannot grow anymore, hunger has started to be felt all over. It has just started! I am afraid what it will be a month, 2 months from now. I think this is the worst for our province. 
Hence, we are appealing to you to please consider sending us again the rice packs and beans as we are entering as the news said El Nino will be worst in March. They said rain may come May or June. If we plant June harvest will be October - November. Our 2 fishponds in the camp have all dried up. Even the Sawaga River is almost dry. I pray our God will provide you a sponsor to send us a container. Thank you for ALL that you do for us thru the grace of God.
Grace for Mt. Moriah Camp

Jeff Long contacted OGT sharing that they already help with impoverished mountain communities, KIM children’s home, camp and Madi Bennett’s pre-school are in this region. Jeff appealed for two 40-foot containers for food. Today, Norfolk warehouse is loading a container with 259,200 Mercy Meals for the island of Mindanao. On March 17th, Wisconsin Branch is shipping a full container of black beans from Norfolk to this same destination to help this calamity. Please pray for the children and families affected by this severe drought and that they will have food and assistance during this difficult time. The pictures are of a recent distribution of food in the effected region.