Current Relief Efforts

Abundance of Food to Help Others
The Norfolk Warehouse has been blessed with an abundance of food donations and we are grateful to be able to help others domestically with these generous donations. The Lincoln Food Bank in Lincoln, NE received 2 shipments of food today. Lincoln Food Bank has several different programs and organizations to help fight hunger. The NAHA – Native American Heritage Association received a shipment of food yesterday and another today to share with families living on the reservation in North and South Dakota. What wonderful blessings to share with children and families in need.(8/2017)

Busy Beginning to OGT's Week
Three domestic shipments went out earlier this week from the Norfolk warehouse. Cornerstone Children’s Ranch in Quemado, Texas received a load of mixed foods and a load of clothing for those at the ranch and to share with families and organizations in their outreach program. NAHA – Native American Heritage Association in Black Hawk, SD received a shipment of various foods to share with families living on 6 different reservations in North and South Dakota. Many blessings for our neighbors in the US.(8/2017)

A Perfect Fit
This dear little boy attends Help For Haiti’s handicapped school in Haiti. His wheelchair had broken and desperately needed another one. Sandra Koch with HFH looked in her compound and had found this one donated by OGT. It fits him perfectly and is easier for him to get around then his last wheelchair. Praise be to God.(7/2017)

Helping Those Here In Norfolk, NE
Norfolk warehouse gave to Project Homeless Connect Norfolk which was a one-day, one-stop event where individuals and families who are homeless or near homeless are able to receive a wide variety of immediate, on-site services and support for unmet needs for free. OGT donated furniture, hygiene kits, bikes, and new socks. OGT also gave a variety of food to the local food pantry and Rescue Mission for the event. It was great to be involved with this event to help the less fortunate in our community.(7/2017)

Liberia to Receive Shipment
 Maryland Branch volunteers were busy loading for Lutheran Schools in Liberia. Joe Boway with the Lutheran Church in Liberia will be receiving clothes, shoes, commodes, school furnishings, and school books to share with the schools and those in need. (7/2017)

Pails Designed to Encourage While Helping
In December 2016 St. James Lutheran Church in Shawano, WI and OGT’s Wisconsin Branch kicked off a special project to collect 5,000 pails to help families in Haiti recover from Hurricane Matthew. The pails could be used to collect clean drinking water and stop the spread of cholera. The children at St. James, St. Paul; Bonduel and St. Martin; Clintonville, WI all joined the project in creating their personal pail for a child in Haiti. The children decorated the pails with their favorite Bible passage or words of encouragement and love. The project was a huge success with collecting approximately 8,000 pails! The pails were shipped to Haiti earlier this year along with 21,600 rice meals, canned vegetables, infant formula, hygiene kits, and medical equipment. The pictures are the buckets being used in Haiti and the showing of the wonderful drawings from the children.(6/2017)

A Bike For A Boy = Such Joy
OGT recently received these wonderful pictures of Caleb, an 8 year old boy with cerebral palsy. Caleb is at one of (KIM) Kids International Ministries’ orphanages in the Philippines. He cannot walk and is at the mercy of people to push him around in his wheelchair. KIM received bikes from OGT and gave some of the smaller bikes to the orphanage. One of the bikes did not have pedals and Caleb was put on this bike. To everyone’s amazement and his amazement, he was able to scoot around on this bike and it gave him the freedom to go where he wanted. He was so happy. KIM shared these pictures and story with us and said “Thank you for the gift of bikes that made a BIG difference in one boy's life.”(01/2017)

4th Container to Bless Refugees
The fourth container of help for refugee camps in Greece was unloaded December 16, 2016. The shipment was loaded by the Norfolk warehouse volunteers 6 weeks prior. It contained 57,024 processed rice meals, 14,120 pounds of processed food, blankets, bedding clothing, shoes, hygiene supplies, diapers, infant formula, towels, toys, and books. These are wonderful gifts for families that have left everything behind to escape horrifying conditions. Pictures are of volunteers unloading the shipment in Thessaloniki, Greece.(12/2016)

Smiles that Warm Your Heart
These precious students in Haiti were served Mercy Meals donated by OGT. Sandra Koch with Help For Haiti receives the OGT shipments and distributes some of the food and goods to other organizations, orphanages and schools in need. Sometimes it is the only meal the children get that day which explains the increase in school attendance when meals are served. Thank you for helping to feed these children through your generous contributions.(12/2016)

Warm Boots Make Happy Faces
Thank you to our dedicated donors that help make the Warm Boots Program in Russia and the Baltics a huge success again this year! Ruta, one of OGT’s helpers in Latvia shared this story and pictures from purchasing boots this past November. Ruta had money left over after purchasing for orphanages and contacted a local social worker for names of children needing boots – 45 names were given along with their shoe sizes. Besides boots, other purchases included gloves, scarves, hats and hygiene items for the children. She arranged for tea and cookies at the church across the street from the Social Worker’s office. The pastor shared interesting facts about church and importance of attending services. This experience made the children’s day and helped parents that are on limited budgets. Thank you to our supporters that made this happen!(12/2016)

OGT Helping Families in Haiti
December 7th the Norfolk warehouse loaded another shipment for Hurricane Matthew victims in Haiti. The inventory included 9,240 pounds of edible dried beans, 185,328 Mercy Meals, hygiene supplies and towels, bedding, sleeping mats, clothing, pillowcase dresses, school supplies, and paper towels. Help For Haiti will receive the food and supplies and some of it will be dispersed to several organizations including House of Hope orphanage, Haiti Lutheran Mission Society, Helping Hands for Haiti and others. These organizations help schools, orphanages, the elderly and rural feeding programs that reach out to those affected by the hurricane. Please continue to pray for the children and families of Haiti. The picture is a family that was traveling to Jeremie (city badly affected by Hurricane Matthew) to help their family and others. They will be taking the food, sleeping mats and supplies donated from OGT on the bus with them to share. The photo and story is from Sandra Koch with Help For Haiti.(12/2016)

Three Containers Delivered in Haiti
OGT received great news that three of our shipped containers were delivered to Help for Haiti for distribution today! This is wonderful news for the children and families still affected by the Hurricane Matthew. The people will soon have much needed Mercy Meals, Kids Against Hunger meals, edible black beans, drinking water, blankets, clothes, shoes, water filtration systems and children and adult PETs (all terrain wheelchairs). What wonderful blessings for the hungry, cold and thirsty families in Haiti. Photos are from Sandra Koch with Help For Haiti of the devastation from Hurricane Matthew. The little girl is from an orphanage that was destroyed (second pic) and she was given food and clothes from OGT donations. Thank you to our donors and volunteers!(11/2016)

Donations Matched by Thrivent for Hurricane Matthew Relief
OGT received these photos and an update from our Haiti recipient Sandra Koch with Help For Haiti. The photos are of the "Home For Abandoned Elderly -L'Azile in Mafranc, Haiti just outside of Jeremie. Cayes and Jeremie got the FULL FORCE of the hurricane at 155-165 mph. Jeremie is located on the southern tip by the ocean and bordered by a huge river. The river raged and swept away every house and tree for many miles. The people and animals had enough warning in Jeremie and fled to higher ground. You can see concrete buildings crumbled and roofs gone. The blue mattresses piled up outside with the crushed metal beds were donated to Sister Evelyn by OGT. Food, linens, hygiene supplies and other items are also donated to this location. Sandra ended with “It will take YEARS before Haiti recovers from this storm.” OGT has shipped 8 loads of humanitarian aid to Haiti since Hurricane Matthew hit on October 4th. These shipments originated from Norfolk warehouse, Wisconsin Branch and Central Nebraska Branch and mainly contained drinking water, fortified rice meals, clothing and supplies. If you would like to make an online contribution for Hurricane Matthew recovery in Haiti, Thrivent Financial will double your donation until Dec. 15 or when $250,000 has been matched, whichever comes first. For more information and to double your donation please click on Thrivent for Orphan Grain Train  Please pray for the children and families living in destruction and poverty in Haiti and for OGT’s continued relief efforts to Haiti.(11/2016)


Help Sent to Haiti
November 16, 2016, OGT shipped two more shipments to Haiti. One container was loaded at the Central Nebraska Branch and included 99,792 Mercy Meals, 100 cases bottled water, hospital bed, blankets, sleeping mats, clothing, soap, and books. The other shipment left from the Wisconsin Branch loaded with 11,880 Mercy Meals, 13 pallets of canned vegetables, bedding, sleeping mats, clothing, shoes, school desks, chairs, school supplies, chalkboards, basketballs, walkers, wheelchairs, towels, and hygiene supplies. What wonderful gifts for a country hurting from poverty, hunger and natural disasters.(11/2016)

Fourth Container on its Way 
Wisconsin Branch loaded the fourth OGT shipment for Haiti since Hurricane Matthew. This shipment contains much needed drinking water; 588 cases of 6 - 1-gallon bottles/case (3,528 gallon jugs) and 150 cases of 24 – 16.9 oz. bottles/case (3,600 bottles) of drinking water. That is many beautiful blessings for children and families in desperate need of clean drinking water. Thank you to our donors and volunteers for making this happen!(10/2016)

Third Container of Relief Set Sail for Haiti
October 19th OGT's 3rd shipment containing humanitarian aid for Hurricane Matthew victims in Haiti was loaded, this one left from the Wisconsin Branch. The hurting and hungry Haitians will be receiving 52,056 Mercy Meals, 7128 Real Hope for the Hungry meals; chili sauce, cheese sauce, canned corn, baby formula, tarps, rope, tape, shovels, gloves, buckets, shoes, bedding, sleeping mats, blankets/quilts, pillowcase dresses, hygiene kits, school supplies, and toys. Help For Haiti will receive the shipment and distribute portions of it to local ministries and organizations to share with their outreach programs to families in need, orphanages, etc. Thank you to our donors and volunteers that help make these lifesaving shipments possible. Pictured are children in an orphanage eating rice meals donated by OGT. The other picture is the dividing of rice meal packets for families in need to take home.(10/2016)

Not 1 But 2 Containers En route
On October 12th, 2016, the Norfolk warehouse shipped two containers to Haiti with 3,080 pounds of black beans, 99,792 KAH meals; 71,280 Mercy Meals, adult, children and pull style PETs (all terrain wheelchairs), bottled water and clothes. In the next two weeks, OGT is planning to ship three more containers of humanitarian aid to Haiti from the Norfolk warehouse and Wisconsin Branch. These shipments will be costly and requested with great need and desperation from our recipients in Haiti. Food, water (cholera will present itself due to contaminated water), clothing, shoes, buckets, shovels, and hygiene supplies will be sent with food and water being highest priority. If you would like to donate to help the very poor in Haiti with recovery efforts from Hurricane Matthew please click on the Donate Button and in the comments box write "Haiti" or mail a check marked with "Haiti" to Orphan Grain Train P.O. Box 1466 Norfolk, NE 68702. Thank you for your support with the missions of OGT and please continue to pray for everyone affected by Hurricane Matthew.  (10/2016)

Container Arrives Just in Time
OGT received these amazing pictures from our recipient Sandra Koch with Help For Haiti of flooding caused by Hurricane Matthew. The photos are from Pastor John while helping with a food distribution in the flooded city of Cite Soleil, Haiti yesterday. Sandra cannot figure out how the people cook with their houses flooded and it pouring rain......but they do! Praise be to God that OGT’s shipment arrived at their compound last Thursday....a few days before the hurricane so food was in place to help people. Help For Haiti has more food going into Cite Soleil today and also dozens of people are at their gate for food, so we praise God we DO HAVE FOOD TO GIVE THEM. Thank you for our donors and volunteers that help with the expense and loading the shipments of life-saving food to families in need. Please continue to pray for the people of Haiti and others in the path of Hurricane Matthew.  (9/2016)

Bunk Beds and Food Bring Such Delight
Josias Marin, one of OGT’s recipients in Haiti recently received bunk beds, Kids Against Hunger meals and pinto beans to share with families in his region. He sent these pictures of food distribution and of some children enjoying the beds. Josias shared the joy he experiences handing out the packets of food because of how grateful the people are and how it impacts their lives.(7-2016)