Maui Wildfire Relief

Orphan Grain Train has distributed our first air-cargo shipment of requested food, water, wheelchairs and other items to Maui on Tuesday, August 22, 2023!  Rev. Ralph Schmidt, OGT’s Director of Donor Advising and Chris Singer; Lutheran Church Charities, was in Maui working with Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Kahului, Maui and helped distribute OGT’s relief aid to those in need.  The second shipment of food and aid arrived on Tuesday, October 10 and was distributed immediately.
We ask first for your prayers for the many families living in uncertainty.  We also ask that if you are able to give toward this need to help with the cost of purchasing requested food and items along with shipment costs to Maui, would be very-much appreciated.

To donate online click :  Donate to Maui Fire Relief

If you prefer to send in a check, please earmark it Maui and mail to:
PO Box 1466
Norfolk, NE 68702

We are needing several requested items for this next shipment but they MUST be purchased in bulk or in cases for our volunteers to easily inventory and palletize to load in shipping container.   Please consider purchasing in cases or several in a box, such as 6 formulas to a box.   Thank you for your support of this much needed food and relief items for many families devastated by this horrific tragedy.  Below is the list of requested items:

Canned tuna, chicken or spam
Canned soup
Canned Fruit
Boxed pasta
Feminine products
Tooth paste &/or brushes
Bar soap
Baby formula
Bottled water
Towels/wash clothes
Cell phone chargers

Amazon Wishlist for Maui Fire Relief

This disaster will be costly and we plan to be there for the long-term, as OGT is with most disasters.   Thank you for your continued support of this ministry.

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