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Giving Tuesday

On Giving Tuesday, Nov. 28, Orphan Grain Train partnered with Thrivent to raise funds to help families that have lost everything in Maui.  Our donors and supporters ARE THE BEST!  You generously gave $109,043.00 in donations!  This amount did not seem possible but with God it was possible.  With Thrivent’s Generous Match of $1 for every $2, up to $20,000.00, we are able to add an additional $20,000 for a total of $129,043.00!  The monies raised will help purchase requested food and supplies along with costs for cargo shipments to Maui to help families devastated from one of the worst US fires in years.


Orphan Grain Train has had two – 40 foot containers of purchased food and supplies distributed to hurting families.  OGT received a ‘Thank you’ from Diane Wilson with Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Lahaina.  She had this to say about shipment received and the continued need for the many families that have lost everything:

First, I can’t say enough good things about the Orphan Grain Train!  You have been incredibly generous and helpful!  You are making

 a difference for many on the island of Maui. The Wailuku Union Food Pantry our church supports has seen an increase in clients since the fires on August 8th.  Many families have taken in fire survivors and are needing help feeding everyone.  Your shipments have helped to fill their shelves! Thank you doesn’t seem like enough.  We appreciate and value your dedication.  So many relief groups have left Maui, but you continue to support our efforts to help survivors!  Mahalo nui loa!
    The director of the food pantry (Nanette Kwon) and the director of the Lahaina Distribution site both commented how happy they were to receive the tuna, spam, peanut butter, fruit, and soups.  Other items that would be helpful include bags of rice, Vienna sausage, chili, and cereal.  I work with the food pantry on much and these items are always requested by clients.
    Russell (husband) and I are working directly with the survivors to try and meet their needs.  Yesterday, one lady told us how she narrowly escaped the fires with her infant.  In fact, she had to live out of her car for a week with her baby before she could find help.  She was so thankful for all of the support she’s been given.  I could tell you story after story of the survivors. I know you aren’t able to see the people you help personally, but I can tell you they are thankful beyond words.

May God bless you then bless you some more!
Diane Wilson
Emmanuel Lutheran

Photos are from distribution center in Maui.

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