Construction Begins on Servant Center

The new Servant Center was a vision for many years and is now finally a reality with support beams  and walls being put in place for the new 20,000 square feet Servant Center which will connect to the Norfolk warehouse in Nebraska.  This new addition will allow ample parking for volunteers and for bringing donated items.

There will be multi-level racks for maximum storage and provide effective flow of goods and efficient use of space.

The center will include a training/media room for use with meetings and volunteer groups.


Breaking ground started in June of 2023 along with many electrical poles being taken down around the site so that cables can be put underground.  After the ground was prepared, the structural beams were being put in place and soon the walls were being attached.  The grain bins even got a face lift with fresh paint.

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Servant Center Construction

Capital Campaign Continues
Orphan Grain Train has been raising funds to support the expansion which will cost approximately $7 million.  We are very close to reaching our goal with only $300,000.00 yet to raise.  This is the largest fiscal challenge in our history.  And yet, it pales in comparison when we see that Orphan Grain Train delivers almost $48 million worth of aid annually.  We believe the new Servant Center will enable OGT to increase the amount of goods distributed to $75-$100 million annually.  Along with increasing the amount of Mercy Meals produced in their new larger facility which will attach seamlessly to the new Servant Center.  We ask you to hear the cry of orphans and join us as we pray for the Lord’s guidance in expanding His ministry.


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