3 Years Later Still Going Strong

When COVID hit and shut down many businesses it also shut down Mercy Meals in Norfolk, NE. Many people from the Norfolk warehouse began working on a system for a small semi-automated product line. From September 15, 2020 to exactly three years later, this group of 5 people have produced 2,026,512 Mercy Meals! That is more then 2 million bellies filled. This amazing team meets for three hours twice a week. Would you be interested in starting a work team (5-6 people) to make Mercy Meals to feed the hungry? It is a job that a weekly commitment is needed. Please call Pat Lavell at 515-360-9148 or Nancy Dolesh at 402-750-8643 for more information. First picture L-R: Bill Wessel, Liz Hagmann, Pat Lavell, Nancy Doelsh & Andy Peitzmeier.

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