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New Recipient in the Philippines to Receive Container
Minnesota South Branch funded a shipment from the Norfolk warehouse to a new recipient, Springboard Foundation in the Philippines. They assist with food and aid for orphanages, schools, homeless children through adults, the elderly and disabled. Springboard will soon be receiving 156,816 Mercy Meals, sewing machines/supplies, bicycles, 35 Christmas gift boxes, school kits, toys, medical equipment, shoes, clothes and blankets. These blessings will be shared with so many people in desperate need.(11/2018)

Branch Manager to Hand Deliver Gifts
Minnesota South Branch manager Cindi Jo Trams went on mission trip to the Baltics and Russia with the Reehl Ministry. She, along with others, will tour orphanages, hospitals and possibly the prisons that OGT help support through the Reehl ministry. Cindi Jo took with her three suitcases full of gloves, scarfs, hats and belts donated from Minnesota South Branch. These are wonderful blessings she will hand deliver and see the smiles on the faces of so many in need.(4/2018)

Domestic Shipments in December Bless Many
Wisconsin Branch was busy in December 2017 with several deliveries within the US. Four of the deliveries included a total of 89,583 pounds of potatoes delivered to four different Texas towns with recipients that support border missions. They also shipped 15,000 pounds of potatoes and edible beans, clothing, medical equipment and furniture to Hanna from Heaven in Kentucky. Wisconsin Branch along with MN South Branch and MN North Collection Center paid for the cost to purchase the potatoes and edible beans.  Another shipment with quilts, clothing, coats, shoes, hygiene supplies, medical equipment, toys, Christmas gift boxes, student chairs/desks and sports equipment was delivered to Iglesia Lutheran Cisto in Del Rio, Texas. That is a lot of food and goods shared across many miles in the US. Thank you to the many volunteers and donors that help make these purchases and deliveries possible.  (1/2018)

Many Gifts Sent to Romania
Bread of Life Orphanage in Bucharest, Romania will soon be receiving 71,280 Mercy Meals, 5,000 pounds of edible beans, blankets, quilts, linens, clothing, coats, recreational sportswear, dorm beds/mattresses, hygiene supplies, bicycles, toys, school kits/furniture and sewing machines/supplies. The Norfolk warehouse volunteers loaded the goods and Minnesota South Branch is funding the transportation costs. Pictures were previously sent from Bread of Life which has orphanages and outreach programs.(1/2018)

1,000 Blessings Boxed up and Ready to Ship
Last month the Minnesota South Branch received a generous donation of over 1,000 pieces of new hooded sweatshirts and pants from a company in Mankato, MN. Volunteers from the branch, Herman and Donna Lubenow along with Dave and Cindi Jo Trahms, branch manager, re-boxed the gifts into OGT shipping boxes and transported to their Fairmont warehouse for a future shipment. Thank you to our donor for the wonderful gifts and to our hard working volunteers.(9/2016)

A Longtime Volunteer is Home
Orphan Grain Train staff and volunteers are saddened by the passing of Loren Ulbricht, a longtime volunteer and manager of the fish boils for the Minnesota South Branch. Loren, 84, lived in Lakefield, MN and passed away on Monday, May 2, 2016. In 2002 he and his wife, Martha began coordinating the fish boil fundraisers and had about 15 events yearly. During the 14 years, an average of 1,200 lbs. of Alaskan Pollock was served yearly for a total of 16,800 lbs. of fish-plus a few hundred lbs. of spuds, lots of pearl onions and shredded cabbage for coleslaw. Most important are the results of these labors. It is estimated that the fish boils raised more than $200,000 for Orphan Grain Train. Loren enjoyed meeting people and sharing the ministry of OGT with others. When I spoke to Loren 3 weeks ago, he was humbled about his part in the fundraisers and shared he had a great team of dedicated volunteers that helped at each event. His laughter and eagerness to serve the Lord will be missed. He is survived by his wife Martha, their five children and several grandchildren and great grandchildren. 
Loren is pictured standing in the middle getting ready to boil fish.(5-2016)

Shoes, Shoes, and More Shoes
A request for shoes went out and the people responded! Hosanna Main and Hosanna Highland Lutheran churches in Mankato, MN asked their members to bring in gently used shoes and boots to donate to OGT’s Minnesota South Branch. Within three weeks, 649 pairs of shoes were donated! What wonderful blessings for children and families in need of shoes. All the shoes had to be sorted, boxed and bagged. Then loaded to be delivered to the Norfolk warehouse for shipment. What a simple request and an amazing response!(4-2016)

Another Fundraising Season Over
Loren Ulbricht, Minnesota South Fish Boil Manager, shared these photos of their November 2nd fish boil at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Lakeville, MN. Another successful Fish Boil season with 14 boils completed! Hats off to Loren and his wife Martha, Cliff Dobie, and Larry Krentz, our fish boil team!  (11-2015)

Fish Anyone?
Minnesota South Branch served a tasty Fish Boil dinner at St. Peter - Watertown/Mayer Lutheran High School on September 27, 2015. The meal was complete with fish, potatoes, dinner roll and ended with soft serve ice cream.   If you are interested in attending a Fish Boil, please check out the dates below or schedule one for your organization.  You can email lmulbricht2@gmail.com or call Loren Ulbricht at 507-662-6270.  Thanks to all that come out to support their local Minnesota South Branch Fish Boil Fundraiser.

Young Volunteers Help Transport Donations
Cindi Trams, Minnesota South Branch manager, was very pleased when her son Jae, along with his college roommate Austin, agreed to volunteer for OGT.   The two young boys are students at South Dakota State University in Brookings, SD.  Jae had previously helped pick up donated school desks and chairs from a Mennonite family in Iowa.  Then last month, Jae and Austin transported the desks and chairs on a flatbed from Minnesota to the OGT warehouse in Norfolk, NE.  These desks and chairs will be blessings to children in Nicaragua.  It is great to see young college kids serving their Lord.  Thank you!     

Donations Delivered to Indian Reservation
Minnesota South Branch delivered quilts and Sunday school materials to the Crow Indian Reservation in Lodge Grass, MT. The pictures are of the children making prayer pillows during evening instruction by Pastor Dan Jacobs and of a young women showing one of the quilts. What wonderful gifts for the children and families. (Feb. 2015)

Minnesota South has Fish Feed
In June 2014, OGT Minnesota South branch had a Fish Feed for a fundraiser.  It was a beautiful day and they had a great turn out.  The pictures are of the fish feed and the cooks having fun are Rollo Kosbab, John Scheidt, Marlen Halverson, and Larry Karenz.  

Children Help the Needy
The 5th grade students at St. Clair Public School, St. Clair, Minnesota, collected 316 pairs of shoes for the families of Ojoche, Nicaragua. For the past three years, St. Clair students have been finding ways to share their time and blessings with those less fortunate. Ojoche is a poor agricultural community in the northern hills of Nicaragua. The public school in Ojoche does not have electricity or indoor plumbing, and the teaching staff is required to purchase teaching materials and school supplies from their own meager wages. The St. Clair students saw the need of the children in Nicaragua, and wish to thank the Orphan Grain Train for partnering with them in the delivery of their gift.

Donations for Nicaragua - January 2014
The following are photos of John Henke (Shipping Coordinator) and Jae Trahms, sorting medical and school supplies donated by Hosanna Lutheran Church in Mankato, MN. The items will be shipped to Nicaragua.

Minnesota S. 2010 Activity Report
Feb. 5 - 300 apple boxes of linens to Rochester Medical and Relief for Haiti. Feb. 18 - 959G Toshkent, Uzbekistan (container) Mar. 9 - Norfolk, NE - Medical Supplies - linens, back packs, soap, etc. Jul. 15 - Eastern Heights, St. Paul - 10 wheel chairs for shipment of container on 8-9-10. Jul. 20 - Norfolk, NE - Medical supplies, 420 apple boxes of blankets, 15 desks, 15 chairs, and 12 waste baskets Aug. 6 - 1027G - Eastern Heights, St. Paul to Tajikistan Sep. 24 - 1041G - container to Tajikistan Oct. 8 - Relief to Hammond, MN - cleaning supplies from Norfolk, NE Nov. 1 - Norfolk, NE - 321 apple boxes, mercy kits, 12 boxes miscellaneous Nov. 9 - 1068 to Haiti, container of food (canned corn, peas, and beans). Split cost with Wisconsin Branch. Relief for Haiti An appeal was sent out to all Branches for blankets to send to Haiti by the National OGT office. Our truck went to all four of our warehouses and collected what blankets they had and took them to Norfolk, NE. A third grade teacher read in the newsletter that blankets were needed and told her students about it. They wanted to do something so they asked the other students and their families to bring blankets for Haiti to the school. They were hoping to get 100 blankets and ended up collecting more than 300 blankets. Glory be to God!

Minnesota South Fall 2008 Report
The year 2008 has a busy one with the Minnesota South Division of Orphan Grain Train taking on a project in Sudan, Africa. Our shipping date was moved up about three weeks and we did make the deadline. On June 25, a full container and one about a third-full of the supplies needed for the project were picked up in Truman, Minn. and sent to Norfolk, Neb., where the second container was filled with more items. On Aug. 13, the two containers from MN South Division along with the medical clinic provided by the Missouri-Illinois Division left on their long journey to Sudan, Africa with the first stop in Omaha, Neb. for inspection

  • Irrigation piping is prepared for loading into a shipping container.

    Irrigation piping is prepared for loading into a shipping container.
  • Volunteers will go over when the containers reach their destination to install the fence and water lines and to re-assemble the farm equipment with the help of the Sudanese people. They will be trained in all phases at the same time.

  • This project has been a very uplifting experience for all involved. We all felt the presence of God with us as all of the materials were gathered and prepared. I want to thank everyone that was involved in the project in any way from donating items, volunteering their time, financial support, and especially their prayers. Funding is still needed for the project over and above what is raised at our Fish Feeds. Continue to keep this project in your prayers that the containers will arrive at their destination as scheduled and that the volunteers will be kept safe during their stay.

  • Getting close to full

    Getting close to full