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Minnesota North Collection Center

Eugene Pasche - Coordinator

205 College Ave.
Morris, MN 56267


Chairs Donated to be Shipped to Liberia
Minnesota North Collection Center volunteers have been busy packing donated clothes at Zion Lutheran Church in Morris, MN. They also received chairs that were donated from Moorhead State College in Moorhead and Island Camp in Henning, MN. The chairs will be shipped to Pastor Kollie in Cotton Tree, Liberia. Pictured with the OGT truck and chairs from L to R: Pastor Kollie; Gene Pasche, MN North Collection Center coordinator; and Ken Earlandson.(12/2018)

66 Hygiene Kits Made for Those in Need
OGT’s Minnesota North Collection Center recently held their annual meeting with the Lutheran Layman’s League. Together they put together 66 hygiene kits at Zion Lutheran Church in Morris, MN! Thank you!(12/2018)

17 Bunkers of Kidney Beans To Help Those in Need
Minnesota North recently purchased 17 bunkers of kidney beans to be shipped from the Norfolk warehouse. The beans will be placed on domestic shipments going to Cornerstone Children’s Ranch, Ysleta missions and various Navajo reservations in the near future. As to date, one bunker of beans has delivered to Natahani Ranch (Navajo Nation) along with clothing, household items and medical equipment. Another shipment to Ysleta Missions in El Paso, TX received 1 bunker of beans, other various foods, clothing and household items. Thank you Minnesota North for the purchase of beans to fill many tummies.(11/2018)

Thank You for Your Donation to Help Texas
Thank you to OGT’s Minnesota North Collection Center in Morris for donating $6,000.00 toward Hurricane Disaster Relief in Texas! The reconstruction of homes, public facilities, schools, roads, etc. will be long term and costly. OGT continues to send relief supplies and food to assist families devastated by hurricane Harvey and for the volunteers helping to rebuild.(4/2018)

Domestic Shipments in December Bless Many
Wisconsin Branch was busy in December 2017 with several deliveries within the US. Four of the deliveries included a total of 89,583 pounds of potatoes delivered to four different Texas towns with recipients that support border missions. They also shipped 15,000 pounds of potatoes and edible beans, clothing, medical equipment and furniture to Hanna from Heaven in Kentucky. Wisconsin Branch along with MN South Branch and MN North Collection Center paid for the cost to purchase the potatoes and edible beans.  Another shipment with quilts, clothing, coats, shoes, hygiene supplies, medical equipment, toys, Christmas gift boxes, student chairs/desks and sports equipment was delivered to Iglesia Lutheran Cisto in Del Rio, Texas. That is a lot of food and goods shared across many miles in the US. Thank you to the many volunteers and donors that help make these purchases and deliveries possible.  (1/2018)

20,000 People Helped Since January 1st
Minnesota North Collection Center in Morris, MN shipped a truck load of potatoes weighing 42,084 pounds to Ysleta Mission in El Paso, TX. Ysleta Mission is grateful for the potatoes. Since January 1, 2017 they have supplied food to over 20,000 individuals through their Saturday distributions plus they offer weekly food baskets to satellite Mission Churches. Thank you Minnesota North donors and volunteers for helping to support border missions.  (10/2017)

Volunteers Working Hard
Minnesota North Collection Center volunteers have been busy sorting and packing donations at Zion Lutheran Church in Morris, MN.  Thank you to the volunteers for helping to serve those in need near and far.

School Supplies Packed
Minnesota North Collection Center's volunteers were busy packing school supplies in backpacks. They had enough donations to pack 62 backpacks! Way to go ladies, that's a lot of sorting and packing!

Potatoes Donated 
Minnesota North Collection Center in Morris, MN received four semi-trailer loads of potatoes, 40,000 pounds on each load, from JCP Potato Farm near Long Prairie, MN. Wisconsin Branch and the MN North Collection Center shipped the potatoes to various missionary places in Texas and Black Hawk, SD.  What a wonderful commodity for people in need.  Pictures are of loading the potatoes at the Wisconsin location.  (11-2015)

Spring 2009 Minnesota North Collecting New Socks and Undies
All congregations in the Minnesota North District are invited to collect new socks and undies (men's, women's and children's) for Orphan Grain Train and bring them to the in-gathering at the Minnesota North District Convention, April 27-29, 2009, at Madden's Resort, Brainerd, Minnesota. These items will be sent to help meet the needs of children in the Texas missions and other countries where new items are allowed. For more information, please call Gene Pasche (Director of Orphan Grain Train Minnesota North Division) at (320) 589-2796.