Central Nebraska

Central Nebraska Branch

Branch Manager
Mr. Dick Troester

P.O. Box 1565
Hastings, NE 68902-1565
(308) 380-3730

427 North Shady Bend Rd.
Grand Island, NE 68801
(308) 850-0363

Central Nebraska Branch Fish Feeds
Fish Feed Teams Needed

Bob & Beth Stark have served the Central Nebraska warehouse by performing fish feeds for many years.
Bob & Beth plan to do fish feeds through at least the end of 2017; however, we are needing volunteers who would be willing to be trained to do fish feeds in the future.  Fish feeds are an important source of funds for the Central Nebraska warehouse's shipping and general operating costs.  Volunteering to help with fish feeds is a good way to support orphan Grain Train.

If interested, please contact Dick Troester at 308-380-3730.

So Many Blessing Going To Panama
In June the Central Nebraska Branch volunteers in Grand Island loaded a shipment for La Chorrera, Panama. Church of God of Prophecy will be receiving quilts/linens, clothing, coats, shoes, hygiene items, medical equipment, bicycles, toys, school items, sewing machine and supplies for their outreach programs and clinic. Thank you to the hard working volunteers and donors.(7/2017)

Shipment To Ysleta Mission Will Bless Many
Central Nebraska Branch loaded a shipment for Ysleta Mission in El Paso, TX.  They will soon be receiving bedding, clothing, 80 lbs. canned food, hygiene items, medical equipment, toys and school kits.  What wonderful gifts to help with border missions.  (6/2017)

Gifts Sent South
The Central Nebraska Branch located in Grand Island shipped a load of blankets, bedding, clothes, shoes, bikes, household items, tools, school kits, sports equipment and hygiene kits to Rock Point, Arizona. The Navajo Lutheran Mission will be receiving the shipment to use with their outreach programs and school. What wonderful gifts for the children and families to receive.(6/2017)

Supplies for the Poor
Recently the Central Nebraska Branch shipped Bibles, coats, shoes, clothing and suitcases to the Open Door Mission in Omaha, NE. Open Door is a homeless shelter with a food kitchen that serves 2,000 meals a day and also has an outreach program to help families struggling with poverty. On May 22, 2017 the Norfolk warehouse shipped 24 pallets of various foods to help with the enormous number of meals they serve. What wonderful blessings for families in need of support and help. Thank you to our donors and volunteers.  (5-2017)

Smiles Seen for  Miles
Kern and Jennifer Saleena with Church of God of Prophecy in La Chorrera, Panama were able to unload a shipment that originated from OGT’s Central Nebraska Branch in Grand Island. Their Outreach Mission Center will be able to share blankets, bedding, sleeping mats, keyboard, clothing, shoes, chairs, household items, adult and infant diapers, hygiene supplies/kits, towels, hospital beds/equipment, medical supplies, bicycles, garden tools, toys, school kits/supplies, school sports equipment, sewing machine and supplies with those in need and their clinic. The smiles show the gratitude they have for the humanitarian aid.(4/2017)

Central Nebraska Volunteers Load for Latvia
Pastor Artis with Gaugaslici Ministry in Cesis, Latvia has received shipments in the past to help support the homeless, mentally ill, and orphans. Central Nebraska Branch volunteers loaded blankets/quilts, church pulpit/baptismal font, candelabras, choir robes, clothing, coats, shoes, hygiene items, medical beds/mattresses, medical equipment/supplies, bicycles, toys, school kits/supplies, and sewing supplies for his ministry. He offers various camps to children and adults along with weekly chapel and a daily soup kitchen. Pastor Artis and the families he shares the gifts with are always appreciative of the goods. The first 3 photos are the volunteers at Central NE Branch loading the shipment. The rest of the pics are from Pastor Artis at Gaugaslici Ministry. The church pews, bikes and clothing were OGT donations.(4/2017)

Loaded for Panama
The Central Nebraska Branch volunteers shipped to Kern and Jennifer Saleena with Church of God of Prophecy in La Chorrera, Panama. They will receive blankets, bedding, sleeping mats, keyboard/organ, clothing, shoes, handbags, chairs, household items, adult and infant diapers, hygiene supplies/ kits, towels, hospital beds, hospital equipment, medical supplies, bicycles, garden tools, toys, school kits/supplies, school sports equipment, sewing machine, and sewing supplies for their ministry and outreach program. They are always so grateful to receive the donations from OGT and be able to help the families in their region.  (3-2017)

Great Gifts Help Many
In early March the Central Nebraska Branch helped the Open Door Mission by donating blankets, quilts, clothes, shoes, and suitcases to them. Every day Open Door Mission’s campus offers 816 safe, shelter beds to homeless men, women and children, serves over 2,000 hot, nutritious meals and provides preventive measures to more than 275 people living in poverty in the Omaha, NE region. These were many great gifts for the families with the mission.(3/2017)

Helping in Omaha at Open Door Mission
Earlier in February 2017, the Central Nebraska Branch in Grand Island delivered a load to the Open Door Mission in Omaha, NE. The supplies included blankets, clothes, shoes, coats, food and household items. Open door is a homeless shelter and also has an outreach program for those in need. They serve around 2,000 meals daily. Pictures are of Central Nebraska Branch delivering to the Open Door Mission.(2/2017)

Thank You From Panama
Central Nebraska Branch has shipped 3 containers of humanitarian aid to Kern and Jennifer Saleena with Church of God of Prophecy in La Chorrera, Panama. The OGT donations are distributed through their Outreach Mission Center to help low income families, local clinics, churches and schools along with teaching Biblical values and life skills. They have feeding programs that include the teaching and preaching of the Bible. Kern visited the OGT’s home office last year. He is an inspiration and dedicated to helping the less fortunate and sharing the Word of God. Kern is pictured with their banner for Central Nebraska Branch to say “Thank You Orphan Grain Train”!(2/2017)

Helping Locally Blesses Many
In early December 2016 the Central Nebraska Branch helped the Open Door Mission in Omaha, NE. They gave the mission over 800 boxes of winter clothing and will make regular shipments in 2017. The Open Door Mission is a Christian rescue mission that provides safe shelter beds for up to 816 men, women and children each night. They serve over 2,000 hot meals per day and offer preventive measures for more than 275 people living in poverty. They also work with individuals and families to help break the cycle of homelessness and poverty. All services, clothing and meals are free of charge. Central Nebraska Branch is happy to partner with Open Door Mission.(12/2016)


Shipment Full of Blessings in it's Way
This past September the Central Nebraska Branch volunteers loaded a shipment for La Chorrera, Panama. OGT’s recipient Kern and Jennifer Saleena with The Church of God of Prophecy received the shipment of blankets/bedding, sleeping mats clothes, shoes, jackets, new underwear, diapers, hygiene supplies, soap, towels, hospital beds, medical equipment/supplies, bicycles, toys, typewriters, school desks/supplies, sewing machines with supplies. They have an outreach program for families in rural Panama and medical clinics for the poor.(12/2016)

Domestic Shipment to Bless Many
On August 24, Central Nebraska Branch volunteers loading a shipment for Fort Washakie, WY. Wind River Lutheran Mission received hospital equipment, hygiene items, quilts, clothing, shoes, toys, and school supplies. What blessings for the families and the community.

So Many to Benefit from these Blessings
On July 7, the Central Nebraska Branch volunteers were busy loading a shipment for Cesis, Latvia. Pastor Artis Eglitis’ ministry Gaujaslici will be receiving blankets/quilts/linens, sleeping mats, clothing, coats, and shoes, hygiene items, hospital beds/mattresses, medical equipment, wheelchairs, 12 bikes, typewriters, school and sewing supplies. Gaujaslici has camps for children and pastors, and has Bible classes. It also offers a soup kitchen and help for addicts, homeless people, and those that suffer from mental health issues. Thank you to our donors and volunteers that help get items needed to those in need.(7-2016)

Coordinator for Panama Excited to Help Out!
Wednesday June 15th the Central Nebraska Branch in Grand Island, NE loaded a shipment for Panama. This shipment included blankets, bedding, sleeping mats, clothing, shoes, handbags, diapers, hygiene kits and supplies, towels, canes, commodes, crutches, walkers, wheelchairs, orthopedic supplies, bicycles, household items, hospital beds and mattresses, school supplies, school desks, toys, tents, and books. This is the second shipment to Panama this year. The first container was loaded on February 17th arrived and was unloaded on March 21st. Kern and Jennifer Saleena coordinate the receiving and distributing of the goods through the Church of God of Prophecy in La Chorrera, Panama. Kern visited the International Office on Tuesday and on Wednesday he was in Grand Island helping to load this shipment for Panama. Kern was born in Trinidad, came to the U.S. as a young man, later joined the U.S. Army and recently has resided in Grand Island. He and his wife have strong ties to Panama and Central America. The humanitarian aid will be divided among clinics, a mental institution, and churches with outreach programs in the region. It was inspiring to meet Kern and have him a part of the shipment process. The first picture is of Gary Wieck, Central NE Branch Manager; Kern Saleena and Karen Mangels, International Transportation at the International office. The other pictures are of loading the shipment at Central NE warehouse.(6-2016)

Blessings Sent to Mission Texas
June 13th the Central Nebraska Branch volunteers loaded a shipment for Valley Baptist Retreat in Mission, TX. The 1,850 boxes or items loaded included quilts, bedding, clothing, layettes, shoes, handicap items, shower chairs, crutches, walkers, wheel chairs, toys and sleeping mats. Thank you to the volunteers for your hard work with loading all these items and boxes. These are wonderful gifts headed for Mission, TX.(6-2016)

Panama Shipment Arrives!
On Monday, March 21, 2016 the Central Nebraska Branch’s shipment to Panama was delivered and unloaded!! They were very happy and blessed with the shipment and plan to distribute it to those in need after Holy week. Thank you to all the donors and volunteers that made this shipment possible. Pictures are from our recipient unloading the cargo.(3-2016)


An Exciting Day of Work and Fellowship
March 8th, our recipient from Cesis, Latvia, Pastor Artis Eglitis along with his wife Helena and 4 other friends from Latvia helped pack one of their own shipments at the Central Nebraska Branch in Grand Island. This was an amazing experience for everyone. The recipients were able to help pack and load items they will soon be receiving and the OGT volunteers were able to meet the people that will receive their donations half way around the world. They were able to get the shipment loaded and have lunch while getting to know each other.
The shipment included 152 boxes of blankets/quilts, bedding, 23 boxes of sleeping mats, church robes, Christian books, 1,096 boxes of clothing, shoes, coats and accessories, layette kits, household items, hygiene kits, medical equipment, 28 bikes, school kits, supplies, a sewing machine and supplies.
The first picture is of our visitors from Latvia: front row is Pastor Artis and his wife Helena. Second row L to R: Modris Kokins, city manager and their longtime friend which they had met serving in the Russian Army (joining the army was a requirement when Russia ruled Latvia). Aisma and Janis Locmele are Latvian dairy farmers and were able to visit some farms while in Nebraska, and Martins Kuskis who is president of one of the congregations where Pastor Artis preaches. The other pictures are of the visitors and volunteers loading the shipment and enjoying lunch and fellowship. (3-2016)