Volcano Victims in Guatemala to Receive Mercy Meals

Guatemala will soon be receiving 263,736 Mercy Meals to help feed children and families that have lost their homes and some have lost family members from the eruption of Fuego volcano. This shipment was scheduled to be loaded at 9 am and after several delays with the truck arriving and it finally was loaded at 5:15 pm on a very hot summer day at the Norfolk warehouse. We want to give a BIG ‘Thank You’ to the volunteers for making arrangements to come back and for loading 1,221 precious boxes of food by hand with the heat index over 100 degrees! The food was loaded in a Dole container because Dole exports bananas out of Guatemala and then they want their containers filled coming back into the country economically then empty. OGT is grateful to be working with Vine International as a new recipient in Guatemala and plan to send more shipments to help our brothers and sisters living in crisis and uncertainty. Please pray for the children and families in Guatemala.

Categories: Disaster Relief, International Aid

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