Relief for Tornado Victims

Orphan Grain Train staff and volunteers are deeply saddened by the loss of lives and families losing everything and their homes in the 4-state area by tornadoes.  It is difficult to know where to start with assisting so many in such a large area.  Orphan Grain Train has contacts we are working with in Kentucky, Tennessee and Illinois.  On Tuesday, December 14, OGT volunteers loaded a semi-truck with bottled water, canned foods and other requested items that left for Kentucky.  This is the first of many loads of disaster relief aid.

Orphan Grain Train’s Norfolk warehouse and other locations’ volunteers have delivered several loads of disaster relief goods for families devastated by the tornadoes.  Click on the button below to see where and how we have provided aid to the families:
Disaster Relief

The need is huge to assist with immediate destruction and loss and then the long-term rebuilding.  At this time, monetary donations are appreciated to purchase the needed items and for transportation costs.

If you find it in your heart to help aid families directly affected by these tornadoes, please click on the Aid for Tornado Victims button.  If you prefer to mail in a check, please earmark it for Tornado Relief 2021 and mail the check to:
Orphan Grain Train
PO Box 1466
Norfolk, NE 68702

Aid for Tornado Victims

Your gift of any size can help buy water or a warm blanket or food for a family &/or volunteers effected by the horrific tornadoes.

Please pray for all the families devastated and for those that have lost loved ones.

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