Thank You For Caring

One of our international recipients wrote the following note of ‘Thank You’ and included several photos of aid shipped from OGT’s Central Iowa Branch and shared with residents at a nursing home. We are so blessed to be a blessing to others – Thank You Central Iowa donors and volunteers!
“We have a lot of beneficiaries who are constantly in need of help. Before receiving cargo, I have a written plan where to visit and distribute the boxes. These are daycare centers for the elderly, shelters for the elderly and for people with disabilities. Today I visited the nursing home of the Evangelical-Lutheran elderly shelter for the second time. The elderly remember good guests especially well. I gave them a wheelchair, canes, a lot of medical supplies, a shower chair, linen, blankets, towels, clothes. Today, when everything has become expensive, every item is valuable for them. I did not leave the shelter staff without gifts. I captured their happy faces on photos. They sent you lots of thanks and love for those amazing gifts.
Thank you for being and caring for strangers.”

Categories: International Aid

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