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Solar Ovens

Solar Ovens

In 2014, Orphan Grain Train saw the need for Solar Ovens in countries with lack of electricity, deforested areas and contaminated water.  The Solar Ovens heat up to 400 degrees and can sterilize water, bake, steam and boil foods using the sun as the heat source.  Solar Ovens are safe, benefit the environment, raise the standard of living and improve the health of the poor worldwide.

Each Solar Oven costs Orphan Grain Train $220.00 to purchase and ship overseas.  Your donations can help with these costs.

Fast Facts:

Women develop lung disease from the smoke of cooking fires, as if they smoke 10 packs of cigarettes daily.
Solar ovens bake, broil, and steam using free sunshine only – no fuel is needed.
Families walk seven hours daily to scavenge for firewood and dung for cooking.
Solar ovens are environmentally efficient, saving women’s lives and the forests of the land. 
More than 5 million children die yearly from drinking contaminated water.
Solar ovens save lives by providing pasteurized water and healthy food.