Special Projects Updated And Some New Kits Added

Recently we have been updating several of our special projects for Orphan Grain Train. Chris Carstens, Inventory Manager, organized a Thrivent Action Team event to showcase a new kit being introduced. A “School Teacher Kit” will be launched beginning June 1st. A special thank you to ‘Liquidation Popup’ for providing several hundred folders to use for this project and future ones. Several kits were assembled by our committee and will be sent on a future shipment to the Republic of Georgia.
Additional funds were used to purchase sewing supplies (pins, needles, tape measures, thread, scissors, safety pins) to send on a shipment to Haiti for use in a tailor school. Pictured along with the new teacher kits are: Chris Carstens; Hanna Freudenburg, International Shipping Assistant; Suzie Leffers, Director of Public Relations; and Rita Fonder, International Shipping Assistant.
Along with this, the revised kit ingredients and instruction sheets for other special projects will be updated on our website and active June 1st. Please watch for an update post. Thank you to the continued support through the Thrivent Action Team Projects and to the above committee for their work on the revisions.

Categories: Branch Updates

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