Shunts Delivered to Kyrgyzstan

OGT’s Maryland Branch has a unique program for shipping high quality hydrocephalic shunts to Kyrgyzstan and in the past to Nicaragua. Integra Lifesciences has donated 2,568 shunts throughout the years which are free for low income families with children that have Hydrocephalus (water on the brain). The shunts drain the fluid off the brain and saves lives. If the shunts are not of good quality then there is a risk of having more surgeries and infection occurring. Dr. Karachev performs the surgeries for the families at a reduced cost. He recently requested for other surgical tools needed for these particular surgeries since he has enough shunts from last donation. Integra Lifesciences once again, donated the needed items – thank you for these life saving devices. Thank you, Maryland Branch donors for making these shipments possible. Photo is of Dr. Karachev with the latest shipment of medical tools.

Categories: International Aid

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