Relief for Ukrainian People

(The photo is from Bible Mission International in Moldova picking up OGT donated supplies for Ukrainian people.  Click HERE  to read more about this story.)

The humanitarian crisis in Ukraine continues to dominate the news. Orphan Grain Train is working with ministries in Ukraine, Moldova & Romania to provide relief for Ukrainian victims, mainly women, children and the elderly fleeing.  Please scroll down for current updates on shipments for Ukrainian refugees.

We are urgently in need of the following items or monetary donations to purchase:
Hygiene kits (must be OGT recipe)
Layette kits (must be OGT recipe)   Click here for Kit Instructions Special Projects
Adult and infant diapers, all sizes
Feminine hygiene items (tampons, pads)
New socks and new underwear
As well as in urgent need of monetary donations to cover the costs of shipping & air freight.

If you would like to donate online to Ukrainian Relief Efforts please click the button below or you can send your monetary donation to:
Orphan Grain Train
P.O. Box 1466
Norfolk, NE  68702-1466, & earmarked for Ukrainian relief.

Give to Ukrainian Relief Efforts

You may choose to donate some of these specific items in lieu of a monetary donation. Items may be dropped off at or shipped to our Norfolk warehouse. That address is 606 W. Phillip Ave. Norfolk, NE 68701

To find out if your local branch or collection center is helping with these efforts, contact them directly.

Updates on Ukrainian Relief Shipments

Orphan Grain Train has made seven air-cargo shipments to give aid, food and beds for Ukrainian families.  Four have been received and distributed in Ukraine, two in Moldova and one in Romania.  A shipping container from OGT’s North Dakota Branch in Jamestown was received by Bread of Life in Romania and they were able to share much of the aid and hygiene kits with Ukrainian families in Romania and in Ukraine.  Two more shipping containers are in route to Ukraine with medical supplies, food, blankets and clothing.  We are planning two more air-cargo shipments from the Norfolk warehouse in Nebraska and a shipping container from OGT’s Wisconsin Branch in Westfield, filled with food and aid for Ukraine.

OGT delivered 5,2910 pounds of bread flour and 250 bottles of sunflower oil to For God’s Children International (FGCI) in Ukraine. The much-needed foods were delivered to several locations to help feed many families in need.

Below is information about the first four air-cargo shipments of aid and food that were delivered and distributed to refugee families:

Sunday, April 17 – OGT‘s first air cargo shipment was delivered on Easter Sunday to churches in Ukraine! It was immediately distributed to refugees being cared for. Thank you to all our supporters for making this possible!

Tuesday, April 26 – Another OGT’s air-cargo shipment filled with 35,640 Mercy Meals, 200 bags of edible black beans, sugar, pasta, quilts, layette kits, laundry powder, bed sets, infant diapers, feminine hygiene supplies and hygiene kits was unloaded in Moldova! Bible Mission International was grateful for the food and aid to help feed and care for the Ukrainian families staying at their facilities.

Saturday, May 7 – Charitable Fund ‘Light of Reformation’ in Ukraine received another shipment of aid for Ukrainian families leaving areas of war and for those traveling thru leaving the country.  This shipment consisted of medical supplies such as dressings, gloves, IV kits, bandages, along with soap, baby formula, quilts, coats, infant & adult diapers and hygiene supplies. Most of these items were distributed immediately to families; the need is great. Smolin Ministries was grateful for this shipment from Wisconsin Branch donors and volunteers. Praise be to God!

Thursday, May 19 – OGT’s air-cargo shipment in Romania has been unloaded by Foundation of the Blind and being distributed to Ukrainian families fleeing their homes and home country.  The shipment contained 95,040 Kids Care meals, 4 pallets of edible Black beans, 6 pallets of various foods, Tide, toilet tissue, diapers, hygiene kits and beds to help feed those that are hungry and give comfort with daily needs.

Please check back here or on Facebook Orphan Grain Train, Inc for updates.

Finally, & perhaps most importantly, we ask for your prayers. Pray for the Lord to provide relief for the millions who are suffering. Pray for our efforts to provide for these victims. Pray for Him to put an end to this crisis.


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