Recipients in Uzbekistan Visit OGT Home Office

OGT National office had special guests visit from New Hope Rehabilitation in Uzbekistan. OGT has shipped containers of humanitarian aid and prosthetics to New Hope and we have received heartfelt distribution photos. They were thrilled to learn more about the operations of OGT and toured the office and Norfolk warehouse. We also found it fascinating to learn more about their program, culture and economics and what items are they in need of to better serve their program and people. New Hope works with people in poverty in need of prosthetics. They will measure, fit and offer physical therapy for those in need of prosthetics. They also provide aid to orphanages, disable people, and families living in poverty. It is humbling to meet the people that are on the other side of receiving and distributing the aid. First photo L to R: Jong Oh Lee; President of New Hope, Kathrine and Ron Sluter with New Hope, Suzie Leffers; OGT’s Public Relations, Joy Oh Lee; wife and Co-President of New Hope, Jacob Lee; Secretary of New Hope and Karen Mangels; OGT’s Director of International Shipping. Second photo is gifts brought from Uzbekistan and next is food and fellowship shared.

Categories: International Aid

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