Ranching Family from Montana Blessed By Arrival of Hay

Thank you, OGT donors, for helping another ranch family in Montana. JR and Katie Lund and their 5 children live on a ranch near Winnett, Montana. Katie was expecting their fifth child when she received the call asking about their need for hay. Katie shared how their crops were eaten by the grasshoppers and the extreme drought conditions, particularly in that part of Montana, had left them with hardly any pasture. They began feeding in the first part of Summer and sold many cows to be able to hold onto their ranch. They are a young couple that worked at other jobs to save enough to get a place of their own in 2012. Being fairly new ranchers and a big family made this terrible drought year in Montana much worse for them than some older, established ranchers. It was then arranged for the Lund family to receive a load of hay from OGT. Days later when the hay arrived, Katie was going to work at her job in town and JR had just had surgery. Our truck driver, Will Pudenz, used their tractor and unloaded the hay he was delivering. Katie and JR were tearful, relieved and grateful for the hay to be able to feed their remaining cows and keep their ranch. Katie said it made all the difference to them. The picture is of their cows eating Orphan Grain Train hay and their wonderful family. Praise be to God!

Categories: Disaster Relief

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