Pillowcase Dresses Bring Happiness to Girls in Haiti

Sandra Koch with Help For Haiti recently received pillowcase dresses along with Mercy Meals and Kids Against Hunger meals from the Norfolk warehouse. Sandra shared the dresses with girls in ‘Norway’, an area in Cite Soleil which borders on the ocean and every time there is a storm the ocean wipes out most of what they have. You can see the rusted tin houses that are “home” to these children.

Sandra also shared the dresses with girls living in an area called ‘The Mangos’ which borders on the filthy canal. The pile of debris you see behind the girls is the garbage cleaned out of the canal. These children live in the slums on a garbage dump. There is no water, no electricity and few schools and very little food. We came with the dresses and began to share them with the girls —who wanted to pick out their colors and enjoyed they’re picture being taken. You can see that the dresses brought a ray of happiness into the girls life that day…they felt pretty, they posed for the photos, laughed and for a short time, life was as close to normal as it could be. Thank you to those that make these adorable dresses to put a smile on a child’s face and give hope to her heart.

Categories: International Aid

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