Philippines Shipment Arrives In God’s Perfect Timing

Since October 16, regions of the Philippines have been devastated by large earthquakes. With God’s timing, Grace Ayera with Mt. Moriah Camp on Mindanao Island received a shipment of Manna Pack meals and supplies recently from OGT. Grace was relieved and thanked God to have the food and supplies to share with hundreds of children and families living now in tent cities and refugee camps because their homes are not safe to live in. Grace also brought some bibles to share since many of the evacuees are believers and were grateful to receive bibles. They also supplied big water bottles as the supply of water is their biggest problem right now because the water system was destroyed by the earthquake. Dr. Tom Randall with World Harvest has requested another shipment to help aid these families. Please pray for the ministries helping and all the children and families affected by the earth quakes. Please pray that OGT would be able to send more supplies and food for those hurting and hungry.

Categories: International Aid

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