OGT Packs 2,376 Meals for Mercy Meals

Sunday, October 7th some of the OGT staff and family members had a fabulous time participating in Mercy Meals Pack Away Hunger Day. The event consists of several tables being sponsored by organizations and businesses from Northeast Nebraska packing fortified rice meals to serve those in need in the US and worldwide. OGT was there to deliver all the Mercy Meal products and then loaded the 133,488 completed Mercy Meals! OGT staff and family packaged 11 boxes or 2,376 Mercy Meals in about 1.5 hours! It was a humbling experience to pack rice meals for starving families and knowing I am going home to a full refrigerator. Feeling grateful and blessed to be able to help those in need. The OGT group picture back row L to R: Pastor Jim Carretto, director of care ministries; Becky Carretto, bookkeeper; Chris Carstons, inventory manager; Paul Brandt, assistant warehouse manager; Riley Brandt, Pastor Lee Rosenthal. Middle row L to R: Suzie Leffers, director of public relations; Emily Brandt, Tessa Nelson, administrative assistant; Rosa Gonzales, assistant director of international shipping and multicultural outreach; Linda Miller, financial secretary and front row is Hope and Hunter Leffers.

Categories: Domestic Aid

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