OGT Helping to Lesson the Burden of Those Effected by Tornado in Texas

On April 22, an F3 tornado traveled across several subdivisions in Polk County, Texas. Initial surveys reported aproximately 1,100 facilities damaged and approximately 600 homes. Of these homes, 45% were uninsured and in a low-income area. There was no federal aid since it was not declared a National Disaster so people have to rely on donations from people (volunteer repair teams), dollars and materials. OGT lessened some of the burden by purchasing almost $40,000.00 worth of building materials at a local Lowe’s and delivered it to a warehouse in Livingston, TX. LCMS Texas District is distributing the materials to help repair homes that were not insured. This donation helps free up donated money to hire contract labor to do the jobs volunteer teams cannot do. This has put home repairs in the fast lane. Thank you, OGT donors for helping our neighbors in Texas.

Categories: Disaster Relief

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