New Wheelchair Helps Young Woman In Moldova

Bible Mission International in Moldova recently distributed aid donated by OGT’s Wisconsin Branch in Westfield. Many stories of gratitude were shared with us and here is one of those stories. Thank you, donors for making a difference and giving hope.
Alexandra is 11 years old. She lives in the village of Baimaclia in the southern part of Moldova. She became disabled because of the difficult birth her mother had. Now she uses a wheelchair. Her mother has 4 more children; she has no husband. The girl does not have the possibility to attend the school, so the teacher visits and teaches her several days per week. The mother does not work, because 2 of the children are too small and she cannot leave them alone. They live just on Alexandra’s small pension. The old wheelchair broke down, and because of this Alexandra could not even get out and her mother could not afford to buy another one. The Bible Mission has offered the wheelchair for Alexandra and the girl was very happy, knowing that she will be able to stay outside more and see other children playing and running. We give thanks to your loving hearts by offering this wheelchair to a girl who really needs it.

Categories: International Aid

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