More Than 13,500 Individuals Helped Through Out These Uncertain Times

It’s true. The flow of daily events as we know them has been shifted due to the COVID-19 virus and its aftermath. We don’t need to be reminded of the vast degree of changes. At an unprecedented time, such as this, an unprecedented need has arisen for food and household necessities. OGT’s Missouri-Illinois Branch is based in St. Louis, Mo., approaches its 20th anniversary this December, it’s clear that the PRESENT need is far beyond the scope of any period of need that we have ever experienced.
The number of families that have been helped by our OGT branch during the first six months of 2020 comes to more than 13,500 individuals. Like battling an armed enemy in wartime, a defense is needed. Food is needed for the young and elderly who have been financially afflicted and those whose jobs and income have been stressed or eliminated. ALSO, there has been a need for household and personal necessities which most agencies do not or cannot sufficiently provide. Here is where our OGT division steps to the forefront by providing local church pantries and approved distribution points the sanitary necessities for personal hygiene, supplemental health aids, antiseptic helps, and crucial daily household items that need replacement. Many philanthropic organizations do not provide such items, but we do. This is especially urgent if the COVID-19 attack is to be halted! Dr. Gerald Perschbacher, reporting on behalf of the Missouri-Illinois Branch.

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