Montana Ranchers Thank Orphan Grain Train For “Heaven Sent” Aid

Trudy and Matt Dawson, along with their 83-year-old father ranch south of Boulder, MT. Three years ago, RaeCille, Trudy and Matt’s mother and Jack’s wife, passed away with a brain tumor. Also pictured is Trudy and Matt’s son Kayden. Trudy is driving the tractor.
The family has faced many hardships ranching this past year. As they moved to the spring pasture there was no water for the cows to drink as the springs had dried up due to drought. A very short time was spent as they had to sell 35 prime cows because of the dry conditions. Pastures that were supposed to rest this year and be used next year had to be grazed. Dawsons were forced to come out of the mountains early because of shortage of feed. As they tried to harvest a winter’s feed, only about one-third of normal was available. The cows and calves came home without enough weight on them. Their calves were 60 lbs. lighter than in previous years. As a result of the Orphan Grain Train hay, they did not have to sell their bred cows. Trudy related: Orphan Grain Train is “Heaven Sent!” Thank you, OGT donors that generously gave on Giving Tuesday to help ranchers feed their cattle!

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