Many Gifts Distributed in Haiti

Wednesday, March 28th Sandra Koch with Help For Haiti and a team from Ohio distributed donations from OGT’s Wisconsin Branch to 180 disabled people. This distribution for people with disabilities happens every Wednesday and last week they were able to give each person four bags of rice meals, two cans of vegetables, a plastic bag of black beans, then they went over to the clothes section and picked 3 items of clothes, a pair of shoes and then a gallon of water. Last month’s shipment from Wisconsin Branch included 15,444 Mercy Meals, 7,128 Kids Against Hunger meals, 8,640 Outreach meals, canned vegetables, baby formula, bottled water, blankets, sleeping mats, clothing, shoes, diapers, soap, tarps, hospital mattresses, canes, crutches, commodes, pull PETs, chairs, desks, tables, toys, walkers, and school supplies. What wonderful blessings for individuals with disabilities, children and others living in poverty.

Categories: International Aid

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