“Lost Boy of Sudan” Able to Give Back

When Jacob Puka, then 7 years old, left Panpandiar in 1987, he couldn’t have imagined how his village in South Sudan would be blessed because of him. He is one of the “Lost Boys of Sudan”, children who were orphaned because of the violent civil war in that country, and walked through bush and desert, to reach refugee camps in Kenya and Ethiopia for safety. Puka, now a nuclear medicine technologist working at Howard County General Hospital in Columbia, MD, joined in helping to load the container to his village. The shipment to South Sudan was loaded on October 12 at the Maryland Branch warehouse and contained items such as clothing, bikes, school desks, tables, chairs, blankets, sheets, soccer balls, Luci lights (solar powered), and hospital linens. Pictured: Elfie Eberle, Maryland Branch manager with Jacob Puka.

Categories: International Aid

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