Lives Changed For The Better

Sandra Koch with Help For Haiti shares a story of how OGT changes lives:

Keep those PETs coming!!!!

We had a one legged man today who needed a PET (all terrain wheelchairs) but I want to share the story of Jean Romulus and the difference the PETs have made in his life since Bro. Clayton first asked if we wanted some!!!

Jean Romulus was born 42 years ago in Haiti with no legs. He learned to walk on the stubs he had and that is how he grew up. He supported himself by shuffling through the traffic and begging for handouts. Then in 2010 we saw him on the road and told him to come to Santo 12, Help For Haiti.

The next day he stopped by, we introduced him to the PET-mobile and his life changed. He was able to peddle around as in a car. He could talk to people in the face and not be looking up but the biggest change was his employment. Everyday Jean rides his PET 8 miles each way to the Port Au Prince airport where he still begs for donations but he can ride a PET there and not have to drag his body along the street. He is self-sufficient and he is also on his FIFTH Pet mobile.

He has worn out tires, brakes, seats from the mileage he puts on each PET. Last Sunday he stopped by for a trade in….we kept the old PET for parts and he drove away in a new PET. Pastor John said, “be careful at the airport. They may not give you any donations seeing you have a NEW CAR”!

Thanks OGT!

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