Liberia Relieved and Grateful for the Arrival of Many Meals

Rev. Earley with Children’s Relief Services in Liberia is relieved and grateful for a recent shipment of 10,000 pounds of edible black beans, 51,840 Kids Against Hunger meals, and 153,000 Mercy Meals from the Norfolk warehouse. Rev. Earley shared that this shipment of much needed food comes while Liberia is experiencing a major Coronavirus outbreak. The government has ordered all churches, schools, university and businesses closed. Food now is a major problem to the nation and its citizens because everyplace is now closed by the government of Liberia. The food from OGT is presently being distributed to families, the elderly, widows, etc. So many blessings delivered with God’s timing. Thank you donors and volunteers for making this and many other shipments of relief aid possible! Photos are from previous distributions of OGT food.

Categories: International Aid

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