Liberia Recipient Expresses Thanks

At the June Board Meeting of the Maryland Branch, recipient Joe Boway brought thanks from the people of Liberia, especially the children. Joe, a refugee who escaped the worn-torn country, now lives in the United States. He returns to Liberia several times a year to help rebuild his homeland. He has been establishing Christian schools in rural villages, so children there can be touched by the Gospel, as well as receive an education. To date, Joe has established 14 Lutheran schools, serving 5,000 children. In July of 2017, the Maryland Branch sent a shipment, heavily loaded with student desks, student chairs, chalkboards and children’s books to the schools. The shipment and container arrived on Christmas Eve, 2017, and was greeted by the village congregation. Joe shared that the people of Liberia are amazed that so much of the shipment was “for the children”- and when people see the equipment and resources received, it motivates them to want to send their children to the school. What a blessing that our “giveaways” are used to draw children to the Gospel message! On July 2 the Maryland Branch shipped another container of school desks, chalkboards, school books, hygiene kits, backpacks, school supplies, and a baptismal font to Joe Boway.

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