Hygiene Kits for Hurricane Victims

On October 13, 2018, members and friends of Christ Memorial Lutheran Church in Malvern, PA, came together to make hygiene kits for victims of Hurricanes Florence and Michael. Using Action Team funds from Thrivent Financial, branch managers Cliff Kraft and Rob Hall purchased towels, wash cloths, tooth brushes and paste, bath soap, band-aids, and combs. Thanks to Don O’Connor, Boscov’s department store manager in Exton, PA, special discounts on towels were given allowing those Action Team dollars to go even further! The volunteer team welcomed local Thrivent Community Engagement Leader, Carolyn Schnizler Wilt (third from right) , who ‘rolled up her sleeves’ and pitched right in to help. The team of 16 packed 120 kits into apple boxes for shipping from the OGT Maryland Branch warehouse.

Categories: Disaster Relief, Floods

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