Hope For Texas

Orphan Grain Train has received pleas for help from Texas and is responding with disaster relief efforts.  Hundreds of families either have no running water or have boil water advisories which it could be weeks before water supply is restored.   Many homes and businesses have also been affected with busted pipes from the freezing temperatures.   OGT is responding by delivering one – 6,000-gallon tanker filled with drinking water and two tankers on standby.  OGT also purchased baby formula, bottled water and plumbing supplies that were delivered south of San Antonio.  Trinity Klein Lutheran Church in Spring, Texas has a community food pantry serving 4,500 people in need. Since the devastating winter storm, even more families are requesting food and water.  OGT delivered two pallets of water, 27 cases of ham and 28 pallets of various foods to restock their shelves for the many families in distress.

Orphan Grain Train plans to continue with disaster relief efforts to help our brothers and sisters in Texas.  Please pray for everyone involved with the restoring and repairing from the devastating storm.

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