Great Need in Western Oklahoma After Wildfires

Western Oklahoma wildfires fueled by severe drought and high winds ravaged nearly 300,000 acres of grassland and killed hundreds of cattle. Ranchers are devastated by the personal and agricultural losses but still need to feed the cattle that survived. OGT is asking for hay donations, fencing and posts to deliver to ranchers in Oklahoma. Our first two loads of hay donations were from Arlo Schurr in Eustis, NE. He said he is grateful to be able to help out a fellow rancher and never knows when hard times could fall on him. The much needed hay went to Keith and Linda Carpenter of Putnam, OK. The Carpenters were devastated after wildfires left behind burned grassland with no fencing. They are grateful for the generosity from a fellow rancher and are also in need of pasture fencing with posts. The need is great in western Oklahoma and if you are interested in donating hay, posts or pasture fencing or contributing funds for OGT to purchase and transport the items please click on the Donate button or call Orphan Grain Train at 877-371-7393. The first picture is Arlo Schurr with the hay donation and the next photo is Keith and Linda Carpenter with the blessing of hay.

Categories: Disaster Relief, Domestic Aid

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