Goods Delivered to Cornerstone Children’s Ranch

OGT’s Highland Lakes Collection Center volunteers in Buchanan Dam, TX recently delivered goods to Quemado, TX. Cornerstone Children’s Ranch was excited to receive toys, medical supplies/equipment, bedding, clothing, household items, and furniture for those in need. Thank you, donors and volunteers of Texas! The above photo is Carlos with the big smile and he works at the Children’s Ranch, to the left of him is Gary Cooper, driver for Highland Lakes and to the far right is Lori Mercer, director of the Children’s Ranch. Second photo is Byron Hobbs, Coordinator of Highland Lakes, standing in front unloading boxes. Steve & Lori Mercer are both in the back ground. Third photo is Kathy Raddatz, Myrna Choitz, treasurer for Highland Lakes, and Patty Versyp in front of the loaded trailer at Highland Lakes Center.

Categories: Domestic Aid

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